Lower Mississippi Greenville Mile Marker 537

So I thought I would start the day off to an answer to a question that has been asked a few times. What do you uses as a navigation device? paper charts?  We use OpenCPN, Active Captain, Along with our Garmin and the book set of Waterway Guides. Although doing the lower half of the Mississippi the Waterway Guides have no information. Even with all the Electronic devices Bryce is still able to chart a course from the paper charts. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

This is an example of  OpenCPN  it’s a chart plotter on a computer. You can check YouTube how to use it.  We use our Chart plotter a lot on the lower Mississippi along with Active Captain. Actually we use them all the time on all the ocean and lakes. 


As the morning ends, I must get ready to start our adventure to Greenville. Our anchor alarm just went off.  We are not dragging but Beauty just did a 180 degrees turn. The winds are shifting to the NE. Storms are moving in sometime tonight.  Br..

Bryce uncovered the jet-ski to take us into shore. He looked though the binoculars and saw trashcans on shore so we were able to take our trash in.


I waited on shore while Bryce went back to the boat to get diesel cans and the wagon. There wasn’t enough room for the trash and me and everything else. You can see beauty in the background. She wasn’t that far away.


These are concrete rings that use to hold large boats. We were able to tie a line and hold the jet-ski in place.


Patch is safely tied up.


There is a really nice boat launch here.  It is huge!!!  It is made in such a way to allow launching at almost any flood stage.


This is the top of the hill at the boat launch that leads into town.


As we were walking this old building has all the high water stages shown since 1927.


This is a huge dyke that protects the town from raising flood waters.


This Historic Inn just captures the view on S. Walnut St.


When I read this it gave me goose bumps. Are we in a not so good area? We kept walking to main St.


This is the entrance to the casino.


I think this alleyway looked cool.


This sure is a pretty church.


This is the Greenville courthouse.


The murals on the buildings might be saying: This once was a soda shop.


Downtown Grill open in 2016 on Washington Ave. It is part of the 9 million dollar plan to redevelop the Sears building. Wanted to eat here; but by the time we returned the diesel cans to the boat it was too late to walk that far into town.


There are many building for sale.  This was a mural on one of them.


Parts of the town are in a transition phase.  What a sad scene to see history disappearing.


Washington Ave. I read is under new development.  WE can see areas on Washington coming back.


At the end of Washington Ave on the corner of N. Walnut St. is a memorial to WWII vets.


The sidewalks on N. Walnut have a number of engraved squares dedicated to different musical artists. 


Not sure if this is a open business for sure. But it looks nice.


We made it back with full diesel cans.  Really didn’t need any, but why pass up the opportunity. 


This is pretty cool on the waterfront in the boat launch parking area.  This huge sign painted on the levy can be read clearly by maps satellite view.


We had dinner at Max-Erma’s It was inside the casino. I didn’t care for the atmosphere for some reason. 


Waterfront side of the Casino and Max-Erma’s on the top floor.


The Greensville Yacht Club. We jet-skied over to check it out.


Transit boaters are welcome; you dock along the floating docks.


We stopped a dock worker and asked him if they sold diesel. Yes they sell diesel; but if you need a lot they call in a truck. I called this morning to check on the price for dockage but no answer.


Maybe this use to be there dock store or something and it was carried away in one of the spring floods.


Well, we arrived back from our daily adventure in Greensville MS. I must say it’s heart breaking to see such a rich place in history decaying. We wandered up Main street to  E. Edison St. to Rick’s Express gas station on Alexander St. We pulled our wagon with our diesel cans. We walked back down Washington Ave.  It turns out there are a few gas stations within walking distance if you have cans.


Thanks for following usRed rose

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