Lower Mississippi Mile Marker 562 to 537

Making Bread

I woke up this morning thinking it was a good day to make bread in my bread maker. I gathered up all the ingredients and followed the instructions! As I closed lid to start the bread.. Something just didn’t look right. hum..this looks a bit watery. I than glanced at the recipe. Crap!!!! I added a cup of water and I only needed 1/2 cup. I just hate wasting my ingredients. Hopefully this new batch turns out well. I replaced the oil with applesauce.


I just remembered when we were in Memphis at Kroger’s I picked up hamburger.  I must say that is one thing that doesn’t last in my refrigerator. I didn’t have enough ingredients to make chili so I made SOS..  Dinner will be good tonight.


It was easy to cut..


Oh…My… Gosh.. Bryce says this bread is delicious. I have a big smileSmile

Today is supposed to be warmer a high of 73 and sunny. We just love heading south. One of the best things we enjoy doing in the morning is having coffee or tea on the bow. Well it’s getting time to shower and pull up anchor for the day. Lets see what adventures unfold for the day.

Boy, What another great day on the lower Mississippi. I hear so many bad things about the Lower Mississippi. But I only see her beauty. I view her like any other lake or ocean. You must have respect for her and have a great captain on board as I do.  Thank you my great captain.

We have been boating together for well over thirty years. Bryce did a lot of boating with his family. His father liked boating like we do.


The Delta Mariner passed us on the lower Mississippi. The last time we saw her was two years ago at lock 53/52 on the Ohio River. We had to wait because she is a high priority vessel. She is designed for shallow inland waterways as well as the open ocean. She is 312 ft long and is 84 ft. wide.  And she is also 50 ft. tall but only drafts 8 feet. So she is perfect for the rivers.  She carries a Common Booster Core Which is an American rocket stage. These boosters are used on the Delta IV rocket as part of a modular rocket system. If you are interested in reading more about the Delta Mariner. https://en.m.wikipedia.org  


Here is another side by side set of tows.  One tow is working, the other is hitching a ride. I always thought maybe they were heading to a dry dock for repair. But perhaps they are new ones being delivered.  There are a number of tows and barges here at Greenville for repairs at the Mississippi Marine Dry dock.


Bryce saw on the AIS that a tow was coming out of the canal were we are heading into Greenville. Not knowing how wide the opening is, we decided to wait and let the tow come out before we entered. That is when I noticed these beautiful trees standing on a point. They looked so manicured. 


Awe.. here she come now. We started towards the opening. I could tell right away it was going to be a nice place to visit.


As we approached the opening I couldn’t help but noticed the sign. At first thought I was thinking maybe we could have them step our mast. Then reality hit me.. This is a tow area..


Just off  Lake Ferguson to our right or starboard side I saw this.. It reminds me of a car wash. Maybe this one is a tow wash…LOL


Looks like this is a scrap metal place.


Look.. we are seeing a small tow up close…poor thing looks like it’s sinking.


This is one huge elevator.


This is called Lake Ferguson. Boy she sure is long. I think it was a 5 mile run to our anchorage.


I noticed these two guys standing on the roof of a tow. They working hard on what looks like a new tow behind the trees.


This is a dry dock.. They are able to pull tows and barges in here and work on the underneath them.


Here a dry dock with a barge in it.  I was waving to the workers who are saying hello.


The Green building is the Mississippi Marine building.


As we made our way past the industrial area, the lake became so beautiful!


Another Canoeist heading back out to concur the Mighty Mississippi.  


Lake Ferguson is really pretty.


Here is a satellite view of the Mississippi and the entrance to our anchorage. The blue dot is where we are anchored.


After Bryce is done working for the day. We will go into Greenville and explore a bit… to be continued Smile

Thank for following us. Red rose

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