Lower Mississippi MM452 To Vicksburg

It was going to be a beautiful day on the lower Mississippi to day.  As we sit on the bow with our late morning coffee, we enjoyed the sun and watched the tows go by.


We headed down the river at about 2 PM.  We were only about 12 miles from Vicksburg, so it was a short run.  We snapped this picture looking downriver towards Vicksburg.  It shows the breadth of the river.


On shore, the Army Corp of Engineers is working diligently at restoring this bank.  Amazing how much work these guys do to keep the river flowing.


They had a huge dragline type shovel dredging the river.


We entered the Yahzoo River from the Mississippi which was a deep 30 feet.  Plenty of water and almost no current.  The lack of current is a welcome change as we motored up the river against the slight current.


We could see the buildings of Vicksburg behind this grain elevator.


This huge boat launch provided access to the nearby city of Vicksburg.


We anchored just up stream of the huge launch ramp with fore and aft anchors.  It was a great place to anchor.  Although tows came by, they created very little wakes.  During the night we had thunderstorms with 20 mph gusts from behind that helped set our aft anchor.


A large model of the Mississippi greeted us near the River Museum.  Although not nearly as large as the Memphis model.


Saturday, we plan to tour the fourth river vessel named Mississippi.  We have posted pictures of the current fifth vessel.


I am standing next to one of the two props on this tow.  Here is a close up view of the rudder and propeller system.  Twin rudders in front of each of two props.  And one huge rudder behind the prop.  The prop is protected by a huge prop ring.  Jet skiers might recognize this as quite similar to the jet pump on their jet-ski.  The prop has a quite close tolerance fit to the wear ring.


We did a quick walk through town just prior to sunset.  Cool coble stone street with covered sidewalks.  Shops and restaurants.


Headed back to Beauty just before sunset.


We woke up at 6 am to find the America from New Orleans just tying up about 300 feet behind us.  We watch as she came to shore and dropped her gangway.  They then proceeded to tie her off to the huge steel rings embedded in the concrete ramp.


See where we are at http://trackmytour.com/35L17


Thanks so much for following us.Red rose

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