Lower Mississippi; Vicksburg, Mississippi

The kindness of the Southern people is Overwhelming! I was taken by surprise with our friends on Facebook with all their knowledge of places we are stopping. They text me places to see, good restaurants to eat at. Local people have came down to the boat launch to see us and offered to take us to the grocery store, gas station.  I just cannot get over all the hospitality. A Big World of Thanks to each and every one of you.

Here is a picture of the America River Boat.


I talked to Sharde for quite a while.  She explained that the America came from St Paul and was headed to New Orleans.


We took a tour of the Mississippi that is on permanent display in Vicksburg.  Definitely stop and see this boat.


This was a model of a stem ship used to transport Cotton bales.


The gantry cranes we showed in an earlier post is used to make these huge concrete mats that reinforce the river banks.


This was the forward lounge on the Mississippi.


These are pictures of the five different River boats called Mississippi.  There were also a number of military ships carrying the same name and a submarine.


The galley on the Mississippi. The food looked so good.


This was the bridge of the Mississippi Tow on display.  Notice there is no wheel to steer the ship.  Rather there are four levers to control the four sets of rudders.


And of course Bryce had to take pictures of the two engines. We are standing at the upper level engine room.  Each engine is an 8 cylinder 1800 HP Diesel.


Here is a picture of one of the engines at the lower level engine room.  I’ll bet these engines gulped diesel.


This was an interesting mural with the railroad museum in the background.


This was an interesting alley off main.


The first mural near the exit.  Notice also the water spigot.  We topped off our tanks and filled our jugs.


The detail of the murals painted on the levee was amazing.  This shows early Vicksburg.


Here is a mural on the levee showing Vicksburg in the days of steam.


Civil war mural on the levee.


We walked up to the gas station a few blocks up and filled our diesel jugs.  Once again we have a full diesel tank and jugs.


The river boat America left a bit before dark.


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