Lower Mississippi, Vicksburg, Mississippi Day 2

I cannot believe how many things are closed on Sunday. We have been trying to rent a car but they are closed on Sunday.  Bryce met two great guys Jim and Mark. Both had that great Sothern hospitality.

Jim a very friendly gentleman drove Bryce to the grocery store. He was a wealth of information about the river and pretty much everything else in town.  He owned a 50 foot (IIRC) excursion boat that he operated for a number of years.  This is a picture of Jim in the dark shirt and Bryce in the light blue shirt standing next to Jim’s truck.


Jim provided us with a number interesting pictures of the flood of 2011 that illustrates how Vicksburg prepares for a very high flood.  This picture shows how high the water got on the Railroad Museum.  Notice the murals on the levee wall to the left of the train museum.  Those murals are about 50 feet above the water where we were anchored today.


To protect the down-town district, these huge wood walls seal off the normal openings in the levee.  For this particular opening, the street is dug up.  Unfortunately, some structures, such as the train museum are outside the levee.


Inside the levee, large pumps remove any water that gets past the levee.


While Bryce was at Kroger, another River Boat came in.  This was the Queen of the Mississippi.


After Bryce got back, we took a dingy ride to the Vicksburg Harbor.  The Vicksburg harbor is a bit up the Yazoo River.  This is a large deep water harbor with a number of companies.


The dead end of the harbor would probably make a good anchorage.  A very large area just to the left of the picture below might be a good anchorage.  No barges or tows.  However, it is a long dingy ride to Vicksburg.


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