Lower Mississippi, Vicksburg to Mile Marker 402

Have you ever had one of those days that no matter what nothing goes your way? I kind of think that’s how Sunday and Monday worked out for us. To keep a long story short, I am very disappointed in Vicksburg Enterprise car rental they told us we could pick up a car. They called us twice changing the time on us. In the mean time the driver shows up to pick us up; not knowing they keep changing the time on us. The driver apologized to us.

We were a bit frustrated that there was no possibility to rent a car, so we pulled up anchor and left.  Our hearts broken because there is no way to see the Vicksburg National Military park without a vehicle as the route is 16 miles up and down hills. We will be back to visit Vicksburg in a few years. It’s truly is a great stop.

As we were motoring out of Yazoo River we passed these two kayakers going out to spend the day on the Mighty Mississippi.


We see these boats all the time.  These types of boat shuffle workers and supplies to tows.


Mark, one of the Southern gentlemen Bryce met, took theses photos as we were making our way from the Yazoo River toward the Lower Mississippi.  The Queen of the Mississippi is in the foreground.


We are just passing the Queen of the Mississippi while she is still tied to shore.  She left shortly after.


Thanks Mark..LOL  That splat in the middle of the picture is our boat.  Our little boat looks like a little dot on the Mississippi…Laughing out loud 



Vicksburg Casino 1 they have a few.  This is the Waterview.


Vicksburg Casino #2.  This is the Ameristar.


This bridge is a 100 feet too. No issues with height of our mast. Cannot wait to make her a sailboat again.


This guy has a unique boat.   This boat transports people and supplies to the tows.  The tows just simply slow down to allow these boats to transfer supplies to the tow.


This house has one of those steel roofs on it. You could see it for miles. It looks awesome. I love there beach.  This guy was smart, he built his home on an inside bend where there is no erosion.  Rather, the river drops sand on the inside bends where the current drops to nearly zero.


Some tows and barges are just so darn pretty.  I liked the colors on this one.


Well, The Queen of The Mississippi passed us on the river. We waved our goodbyes.  Bryce hailed him on the VHF to determine which side he preferred to pass.


We are continuously seeing kayakers and canoeist on the river.  These are adventurers typically paddling from the head waters of the Mississippi to the end in New Orleans.


We passed our first nuclear power plant on the lower Mississippi. Its cooling tower was steaming away on the Mississippi.  This is called the “Big Gulf nuclear Power Plant”.


We had to pass this guy. His speed reduced to 4 mph as he navigated a bend.  One of the largest tows at 46 barges.  Notice how low the barges are sitting indicating all barges are fully loaded.


Well, it’s great to be back on the river again. Nice sunny day. Temps 81 degrees. We found another great anchorage on the lower Mississippi off a sandy beach on an inside bend. Our current is 1.7 mph and the water temp is 63.3. Our mile marker is 402 with the water depth at 18.5 feet. As we anchor, this tow is now the biggest at 46 barges 8 wide by 6 long, minus 2 on the bow.. our latitude is 31.9861 our longitude is -91.1254    http://trackmytour.com/35L17


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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