Lower Mississippi Mile Marker 402 to Mile Marker 368

So I was reading some fun facts on the Mississippi, Did you know that one single drop of water travels the entire Mississippi in 90 days. Okay, one more fun fact: How did the Mississippi River get its name? The Mississippi River received its name from the Ojibwe Indians. They called it Misiziibi, which means “Great River”.

On the lower half of the Mississippi we have noticed a good amount of kayakers and canoeist. There is so much good info on paddling the Lower Mississippi on the web.  After traveling the river this far, I believe this is our preferred route.  I guess when we bring our power boat on this route and knowing the lack of marinas we will figure out the current and how it will increase our mileage.   No doubt we will have extra cans on board to go into towns with our wagon to diesel up.  So far we have hit towns every hundred miles or so.  We just google what we need and see what is available in that area.

Funny thing about George. He loves to eat plain doughnuts.  He is just finishing up his doughnut. LOL


This is totally crazy… We were coming around a bend.  There were three tows on this bend at the same time!!  We passed three tows at at the same time!  We were hugging the inside red buoys while they went further out.  It was like an expressway of tows and barges. LOL On the lower half of the River it is so wide that it really isn’t a big deal. Ok I can say that now… This picture shows the three tows and the red buoy we just came around.


As we were pulling into our anchorage for the night, we watched this Army Crop of Engineering boat go by. Its name again is called the Mississippi.  We have seen this guy a few times on the river.  A smaller tow is on the port side (this side) of the Mississippi.


We found another awesome anchorage at Mile Marker 368 the water depth is 17.1 feet. Get this our current is only 1 Mile an hour! Sweet. We are 4 miles from Natchez. Water temp is 63.9 it’s getting warmer. As usual, sandy shoreline, anchored between two groynes. Latitude is 31.6220 longitude -91.4063


We are getting closer to New Orleans..268 miles and Beauty will getting her mast up. It really isn’t that big of a deal because the Mississippi twist like a snake and that doesn’t make for good sailing.  http://trackmytour.com/35L17


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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