Mississippi Mile Marker 368 to Mile Marker 331

I am once again sitting here looking into a blank screen. Okay after a 20 minute delay I am back with a hot cup of tea of course with some lime in it. I am ready to write. Yesterday, we had to forgo Natchez due to the weather.  I really hate being cold.  Perhaps that’s why we have 4 different heating systems on Beauty. With the rain and north winds, just thinking of getting on a jet-ski puts goose bumps (or chicken skin) on my arms and runs chills down my spine!

Natchez Highway 425 This bridge crosses from Vidalia into Natchez. We saw all these monkeys climbing all over the top of the bridge. Looks like they were working hard.


Doesn’t this look like a thick quilt that would keep one warm! LOL


She stands tall with over a 100 foot clearance.


I have to laugh.. I keep wondering with the U.S. Coast Guard working so diligently to place the Buoys in the right place, how do the buoys end up on the shoreline or get moved from their position?  Many of the buoys have big dents where barges have bumped into them sending the buoys off station.


George just loves to investigate even when it’s raining.  Normally he sleeps, but as the day ends, he starts perking up.  He knows we soon will be anchored and that engine will cease to make its obnoxious noise.


We are anchored at mile marker 331 on the lower Mississippi our water depth is 17.5 feet. Water temp is 63.3 and the current is 1.8 mph. It is chilly and rainy. Nice sandy shoreline on this inside red bend. You are also welcome to view our current position at  http://trackmytour.com/35L17


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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