Lower Mississippi mile Marker 331 to Mile Marker 301

What a pretty morning even though it was a chilly day, the sun made it great. We have had Northern winds. Brrr… . We miss-calculated our distance and thought we went further than what we were.. Oh well.  We are not in a hurry.  But when we made it to our anchorage, It was just perfect seeing the view we had. We took the jet-ski over to the sandy shoreline and enjoyed it. If the breeze wasn’t so cool we would have had a nice bond fire. 

OH…My looks like someone is getting ready to loose there home.  It is quite high on stilts, but the bank is eroding away.


Anchored here, its such a beautiful view. It’s funny; at home on the Great Lakes my view is of freighters. I just love watching them. I heard as we get closer to Baton Rouge and south of it we will start seeing tows and barges along with freighters.


I took this photo for our youngest son Justin because of the name.  “Justin…”. LOL


Just upstream of our anchorage is a power plant and dam.


Just upstream from our anchorage is a car ferry.  A tow is just hanging out on the shore in the background.  TYpically, tows just stop along the bank and “percolate” (LOL.. my term) their engines to hold them still.


I had to write in the sand.. When we step off the boat and go into shore like this..Well I just love it. It’s as if we have our own private Island.Island with a palm tree  We are anchored next to a large sandy island.


All I needed was a glass of Merlot..and it would be even more perfect!


Bryce took this photo of me enjoying a walk on the sandy beach..  Lower Mississippi River in the background.


What a great place to anchor tonight. Great sandy beach. Lower Mississippi, inside the red buoys. Along with a fresh pot of spaghetti waiting for dinner. We are at mile marker 304 and our current is 0.9 mph. The water temp is still 63 degrees and the depth is 16 feet. Anchorage latitude is 30.9855 and longitude is -91.6596  Fifty miles north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

See our position at:  http://trackmytour.com/35L17


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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