Lower Mississippi Mile marker 304 to mile marker 270

It was a gorgeous day on the Mississippi.  Light winds and about 70 degrees.  We sat on the bow while Otto Pilote took over the task of steering.  The water was calm with a light 4 mph current and no whirl-pools.  George slept peacefully in the cockpit on his towel.


We slowly drifted past this high mud bank who is showing the unrelenting erosion that the Mississippi exacts as she makes her way down to the Gulf.


We passed two fishing boats anchored on the shore, enjoying the early afternoon.


And as usually, passed a number of tows slowly churning their way up the river.  This tow was slowly moving up while waiting for the down bound tow in back of us to negotiate the bend.  Down bound traffic has the right of way over up bound in congested areas.  Quite frankly, the bend was probably wide enough for both.


We anchored the night inside “Saint Maurice Towhead” near mile marker 270.  It is not our preferred anchorage as there is no sandy shore to get out and explore.  However, it was well protected from river current and tow wakes.  We anchored in 17 feet of water with only about 0.7 mph current.

Here is a picture looking upstream into the channel behind the towhead.  It is quite wide and deep, but the entrance dropped to about 12 feet.  We enjoyed coffee on the bow taking the morning sunshine in.


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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