Lower Mississippi Mile Marker 270 to Baton Rouge

Well, we are in Baton Rough LA. It is what they say it’s (industrial). It is said we will start seeing freighters in the mix of tows and barges.  We have had to switch VHF channels from 13 to 67. We have had a few people reach out to us from Facebook that are in the area or who have worked on the river and traveled the lower Mississippi. They all have been a big help help with local info. Big Thanks to all. We have about 140 miles to New Orleans we could possibly be in New Orleans in 4 days. I’m looking forward to getting the mast up and doing some well needed shopping.

This was our anchorage on Friday night. I just thought this was a cool picture seeing the tow on the other side of the point.


As we pulled up anchor and headed out of the anchorage we noticed a couple fishing enjoying their Saturday.


We passed by this area with a huge number of “cells”.  Cells are these large steel rock/concreate filled caissons.  Barges are normally cabled to them.


They were unloading coal for a large coal burning power plant.


Our first bridge coming into Baton Rouge; again it is well over a 100 feet!


Sometimes I think George thinks he is human.


More locals out enjoying their weekend.


A barge with a large crane mounted on it.  Must have grounded during a spring flood.


We had a few tows pass us on a bend.


Two jet-skiers came by.  They noticed our jet-ski on the lift on the back of Beauty.  One of the guys chatted for a bit.  They are from Baton Rouge and wanted to get out on the “smooth” water that apparently is common in the late fall.  His friend has jet-skied to Bimini Bahamas.  We gave him a cruising card and he wished us safe travels.


Here is his friends on the other Jet-ski.  We mentioned that we had towed our other Seadoo through the Bahamas on our last trip.


We passed a quite small tow with a quite large load!!


Just prior to getting into Baton Rouge, we cruised past the “tow parking” lot.. LOL


Okay, I drew an anchor where we had to enter. It sure doesn’t look like a canal from this point.


After we got closer and around the point, It got wider and then I knew it was the right place.


These guys had their 4 wheeler on their boat and drove it onto land; apparently to go hunting.


Our anchorage for the night. I was a bit uncomfortable here for some reason. But all was well.




Thanks for following us!Red rose

2 thoughts on “Lower Mississippi Mile Marker 270 to Baton Rouge

  1. So far your journey had given me.great confidence on taling the lower mississippi river. Listening to just about everyone it is not recommended. It looks lovely from what you have.posted so far.


    1. I think some people are afraid of the unknown. If planned out right there is no issues at least for a sailboat. Have a foldable wagon to carry your cans in for fuel and water. Google areas around you. Some places you walk a distance some not so bad.
      The lower is now our preferred way. We will do it again.


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