New Orleans to Half Moon Island

On Friday the day after Thanksgiving Bryce and I decided it was time to continue on. Beauty was complete with all her maintenance. We had two ways possible ways to head out to the ICW. We had heard that with the water depth on Lake Pontchartrain was low and wouldn’t be a good route.  So up until Friday we were going the industrial route to the ICW. Bryce got on Active Captain and his CPN and found out we had to give one of the bridges a 4 hour notice before they would open the bridge. We didn’t want to have to wait so we went through Lake Pontchartrain.  It seems much of our trips are often decided in a brief instance.  We wanted to visit with some friends in that area but on a Holiday weekend we were not going to intrude on them and their family. I was really looking forward to seeing them too.

We did go out with some other sailors for dinner on Thanksgiving and really enjoyed it. Starting on the Port side, Russ, Tammy from Iowa, me, Bryce and Dave. Fair winds to all of you. It is awesome meeting new friends.


This is a really pretty house we saw decorated for the season.


After we passed the the bascule bridge headed into Lake Pontchartrain, we immediately started seeing crab pots. Thanks for the heads up Ross, Tammy and Dave. But this pot looks like it needs a fishing pole rod on it.  lol


These are two bridges that had to be opened. The train bridge stays open unless a train is coming and the car bridge we had to call and request an opening. It was great; we didn’t even had to wait.


Bright green trawler sure is pretty looking.  She was coming through the bridge from the other direction.


Look at all the warm clothes everyone is wearing. It might be sunny but it sure was chilly.


This bridge had a clearance of 70 feet.  A bit higher than our 60 foot mast.


This was a cool pelican sculpture in the bridge support.


This was a really cool paddle wheeler that passed us.


I think these are really interesting homes. I wonder what they do in hurricane season. 


This bridge says it has a 65 foot clearance but it had at least another 5 feet with the low water. For some reason in this area the water level was a bit low it set off our water depth alarm.


It seems like some people really like to fish right at the bridge opening.


This guy was cleaning his boat after a long day of collecting his crab pots.


Our last bridge was this train bridge. It was really nice not to have to wait for bridges to open.


We started to see crab pot vessels come back in after hard day a work.


Finally, we get to see the dolphins again.  One day I’ll be able to capture the face of the dolphin.


After nearly 2000 miles we were able to put up the head sail.


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