Biloxi, MS to Aux Herbes

It’s so funny, I have to stop and think about where I left off. Crossing the open waters, doesn’t offer for a great photo shots. After leaving SeaBrook, we anchored near Half Moon Island. It was a nice place to anchor but we had to keep our eyes out for crab pots. The following morning we headed to Biloxi MS and found a nice sandy Shoreline to anchor near. It was perfect for the northern winds that blew in. When morning arrived, we pulled up anchor and headed towards Aux Herbes Island near Mobile Bay Alabama. Today we will head to Mobile Alabama. It is suppose to be a great day for sailing.

We were amazed at the smoothness of the Mississippi Sound today.


One of our daily entertainments are still watching Tows & barges passing by us.


I know you can’t really see them, but two dauphins were dancing next to the boat. 


Here they are coming towards us. I smile every time they come near. It never gets old.


The Mississippi Sound…How beautiful she is with only a ripple of a breeze.


Bryce is being funny taking a photo of me stretching on the bow.


As we were pulling into Biloxi I noticed these birds resting on the number 5 buoy.


Coming into Biloxi we could see the battering the waterway also took from hurricane Katrina. Very sad. Perhaps they need to add floating docks.


Apparently, Biloxi is known world wide as one of the largest processors of shrimp and oysters in the world.


When we left early morning this vessel was gone out looking for his daily catch.


After leaving Biloxi we headed towards Aux Herbes Island. Looking at WindAlert it alerted us to the North east winds that were to get pretty strong during the night so we protected ourselves snuggled up to this island. It was perfect.


During the night a fisherman anchored near us. His vessel looked so pretty all lit up.


When daylight arrive I took this photo of him. I think his favorite color is green.


As always Thank you for following us!Red rose

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