The little Red Engine That Said NO! More

This is my story of our little red engine that huffed and puffed and just could not reach it final engagement point to turn over. Along with the sails, it is the heart and soul of Beauty.

We were sailing in Mobile Bay sailing early afternoon towards Turner Marine.  The winds were awesome perfect 10. Dolphins serenaded us buffing air through their snout and conversing with a high pitch sound.   It was as if they were talking to each other.


I lost count there were so many playing around us


They looked so in love…..


Then it happened !!! We lost our wind and had to start the engine. He tried and tried we both looked at each other in disbelief not a word was said between us for a few moments.  Beauty was moving at 1 mph under sail. Bryce tried it again but it would not start.  I took over the helm while Bryce took her cover off (Engine cover). I don’t think anything was left uncheck. Bryce checked the glow plugs, fuel, filters and even tested an injector.  Nothing seemed wrong. Everything has checked out great. It sounded like it was going to start just couldn’t reach the final engagement.  Earlier the morning, it started fine as we left the anchorage and raised the sails.

Bryce suggested that he tow Beauty with the jetski.  I did not want to steer into Turner.   It was time to call Tow BoatUS. We took the sails down and Bryce put the engine back together. It was a sad moment. In the 30 plus years of our boating life we have always been the one to help tow boats in. Now it happened to us.!

Mark from Tow boatUS came to our rescue.


It was a beautiful calm day.


Beauty glided easily through the water at about 6 knots.


After we arrived in front of the marina Mark pulled his tow boat on our Portside to push us in to the docking area. It ended up being less complicated than what I thought. 


Mark friend Capt. came along and handed Mark a helping hand for a few moments.


Now in Turners Marina.  Bryce wanted to warm the engine to help it start.  The following morning Bryce he figured out how to warm the engine.  “You know how it pushes out hot water to heat the water heater when the engine is running.” I nodded yes, “I am going to pump the engine coolant to put hot water into the engine to heat it up.” I know what you mean like reverse cycle air conditioning! Anyways that what came in my thoughts. LOL

After heating the engine, it still refused to start.  After thinking about it Bryce is suspecting the head gasket.  He replaced the head gasket about 5 years ago.  It seems to be one thing that could explain the sudden failure.


Here is the steps Bryce did to heat the engine.

Step 1 heated up the water tank

Step 2 remove the belt

Step 3 he used my head band for a tiny belt

Step 4 he used a drill to spin the water pump

Step 5 find something to hold the drill using my pink step stool.

Step 6 should be ear plugs due to drill noise.. LOL

Step 7 wait..wait.. wait.. drink coffee..; wait…wait…  Bryce continues to work..

Step 8 results? failed

Does Beauty need a engine Transplant? To be continued…….

Time to make a decision on fix engine or new engine

While we were anchored in Biloxi a photographer by the name of David Salters took this photo of us anchored out. It was sent to us by a friend of ours on Facebook Nick Gault. Thanks to you both for sharing this amazing picture with us.


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