Playing the Waiting Game

Waiting for prices on parts and engine prices seems to take a bit of time since most places aren’t open on the weekend. Bryce continued to clean the head and block on the Little red engine. I am very positive that she will over come her sickness and we will be on our way soon. We have been taking walks and found 3 more marinas right next store. There is also a West Marine here at Turner’s but they were closed on Sundays. On Saturday evening we went down to the end of the dock and we watched a parade of Christmas lights. It sure is nippy in the evenings here. Bryce pointed out that we haven’t seen spider webs. I think it’s to cold for them.

I was so bored I make cookies for Bryce..  His favorite is oatmeal raisin.


Bryce putting together his list of things needed. Along with measurements of this and that for the new engine.  He has also priced parts to repair our little red engine.


After cookies I made bread…Little bread maker with purple lid


One problem! Now that I made this bread and cookies they have to be eaten. LOL


I liked this one best! They drove the boats close to the sea wall and tossed out candy. 


2nd best. These guys tossed out bags of candy with a glow stick in the package so the kids could see where the bag was.. Awesome idea.


The two Queens on the bow of this vessel where tossing out beads to the kids.


My 3rd best..Loved the lights… Santa had a lot of helpers on this sleigh…..


This pontoon looks like it was transformed into a 60’s motorhome… Kinda cool..


This cruiser was the leader of the pack. Full of Ho..Ho…ho’s.. and dancing animals on the bow.


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