The Little Red Engine Conclusion

After many hours of hard diligent work on the head gasket, fuel injector, hone of the cylinders, and much more The Little Red Engine said no more.  After 21 years, she passed away at 9:16 on December 8th. It is sad but It is also a celebration. She has sailed/motored the great lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas and Atlantic Ocean. Now we wait for the new arrival of her predecessor. 

This is the cylinders after hone; aren’t they pretty.  Deck is very clean, pistons de-carbon.


Putting the engine back together.


It’s funny the poor guy keeps trying to resuscitate the little red engine.  Here, we try to boost the crank speed with an electric drill.  The engine is getting fuel, air and now a bit more compression. She chugs every other revolution, but will not quite start.


We had a get together with some new friends, a few days ago. I am sure they are all getting restless and ready to set sail. It’s funny we are all from Michigan. There is at least 4 other boats here in Mobile Alabama from Michigan.

Grace the young lady on the starboard side with the long hair also stored her boat at Sailor Cove for winter storage with us.  It’s a small world. LOL..  Grace is next to Emily.  Then there’s Todd on the left.  He is headed to Panama.  And Mark and Linda are in the back.


Good food with good guests.

food for getoghtermobile

Look at the snow… We are in the south and it snowed. Mother Nature didn’t want to deprive the people from Michigan of snow. LOL


George is covering his eyes from the lights. LOL


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