Mobile Alabama, Weekend Car Rental Exploration.

What a nice weekend cold and all. Enterprise has a great weekend special; Three days for $46.00 dollars. Bryce said it was time for us to get a way for a few hours. We drove in to Mobile on Friday evening after receiving the car. It was wonderful just driving around for a few hours. While we are waiting for everything to settle down here with ordering the new engine and all, we might as well enjoy the sites.

Saturday we drove over to the Alabama Air Craft Pavilion. Due to the snow and ice they weren’t allowing tours to walk up the ramps, so we walked the grounds.

The Battleship Alabama is moored here.  There was also a B52 bomber named “Calamity Jane”!!


This is the first time we have actually seen a sub out of water.  There were also a number of tanks and armored personnel carriers displayed.


Afterwards, we drove along the eastern Mobile bay shore and stopped at Shux On the pier for a bowl of soup and a beer.


It was chilly out had to put on the winter coat. This is called the Fairhope Pier. The first Fairhope Pier was built in 1895 it was used as a commercial dock for the bay boats. In 1968 they built the first concrete pier and it remained opened until she was hit by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She reopened in 2006 after renovations.


There is a small marina off the pier but really needs some repairs done to her.  A few broken docks. The tide is down in this photo.


Sunday we took 5 loads of laundry into the laundry mat. We then decided to take a drive to Dauphin Island.


I think this Heron is waiting for the fisherman to catch his lunch.


Do you notice anything different? Yes, Bryce colored my hair. Sometimes I just need a change.


We stopped and had a lunch at Jt’s Sunset Grill. What a nice place. Susan the Bartender is magnificent; so much fun to talk to. When we walked in we were greeted with hellos from these two couples. They are RV’er and are staying at a nearby RV park.  It was really nice to talk to them.  Sorry I did not get their names.  The near couple is from Iowa.  The far couple is from Indiana.


OM!! we were coming out of a tunnel and right before my eyes a semi truck didn’t look at the clearance of 12 feet. We saw pieces of his truck or tunnel land on the ground. I was very happy to get past  the opening. The bottom photo is tunnel number 2. it was really cool. I love the reflection.  These two tunnels go under the Tombigbee River that dumps into Mobile bay.


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5 thoughts on “Mobile Alabama, Weekend Car Rental Exploration.

  1. Nothing like a new engine for Christmas! Merry Ho Ho🎄🎄 Haven’t seen an update in awhile, I hope all is well and progressing toward success.


    1. Merry Christmas Bob😊 Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Yes, we have an engine on order. Unfortunately it will not arrive until mid-January.
      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 🎊


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