A Very Merry Christmas from Mobile, Alabama

Well, We have been here nearly a month now. Our new Beta Marine engine has been ordered. They say we should expect it mid-January. I am bound to keep a smile on my face no matter how long it takes or how bored I get. I am waiting for the weather to warm so I can get my swing out. Yesterday was pretty nice but the breeze was chilly. I saw all the snow our family and friends are getting back home in Michigan. I cannot say I miss it. I think snow is beautiful; but most of all, I hate driving in it. Be safe out there to all our family and friends and everyone else.

We have had a small get together here on our boat. Tom , Lili and Jim and Shirley came down for cocktails one night. It was a ton of fun.


I received a text from Karen one of the couples we meet in New Orleans saying they were in Orange beach. So on Christmas eve we drove up to see them. It was such a lovely place. They were staying at the Wharf. We went out for a delicious dinner. I ordered Oysters they were magnificent tasting. However, later that night, I once again saw those oysters coming out the way they went in…. what a bad night it was.


Our wonderful bartender David.. He was very pleasant. 


After our dinner we took a walk around the Wharf. The lights were beautiful.


The following afternoon we meet up with some of our new friends to celebrate Christmas at Turner Marine. We had such a wonderful dinner. It was a smorgasbord of food.

Pauline & Greg left, Roger & Chris on top, in the center we have Bryon and Cynthia and Paul on the right.

New Phototastic Collagegroupphoto

Tom, Shirley, Chris & Jenn


Well, Christmas arrived and passed now its  time to think of the New Year’s.

Thanks for following us!Red rose

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