Pelican Marine-Pensacola Florida

Do to the freezing temps here in  Turner Marina they turned off  water supply a few days ago. . It really isn’t that bad they gave us warning. Today Wednesday they turned the water back on so we cold refill our tanks again.  Finally we were able to check out the seals on the new tank. They worked! All is good.Smile Even better news the weather map shows it’s warming next week back into 50’s and 60’s


It is such a good feeling to know we are getting a few things done on Beauty while we await the arrival of the replacement of the Little Red engine. With that said,we thought as along as we had our vehicle here we might as well go to Pelican Marine in Pensacola to check on our new–to-be engine arrival. It’s funny because we are replacing The Little Red Engine with another Little Red Engine. We are  Hoping for something like a tracking number, anything that might help us know when to expect her arrival. I think the tracking number is like an ultrasound it can give us an expected due date.. LOL Okay, so we arrived at Pelican Perch. We spoke with Jake. He was a very nice guy. But would not allow me to take his photo. He placed a call to NC office to see when the new Little Red engine is schedule to arrive. Drum roll please………January 12, 2018. I can’t wait; it’s only a week away. Once it is sent to NC, it will be dropped ship to us at the Marina. We figured we should have it no later than the January  15,  2018. I’m so excited….I just can’t hide it…That song is playing in my headSmile  

This photo is the office at Pelican Perch Marina & Boatyard


Bryce has taken the self tailer mechanism off the winch.  He is cleaning it here.


We had to order a part for one of our cabin top Winchs.  They finally came in.  A small plastic self tailer piece was broken.  Just another repair out of the way. LOL


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