Awesome Road Trip: Destin to Panama City

A road trip just what the doctor ordered. Soon we should be back on our journey. We decided we would take a road trip and get a view of the anchorages and the passage way into the different areas. Just walking the boardwalk of Destin FL put me right back into the cruising mood. As we walked the boardwalk, Bryce squeezed my hand in a gentle loving way and whispered “It won’t be long now”. I know he is right. This layover wasn’t just hard on me; I needed to remember it was hard on him too. Now we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow our Little Red Engine is due in to North Carolina. We are told they will drop ship it the same day. Next week should be an exciting week for us. 

Our first stop on our road trip was at Destin FL. This stop got our blood pumping again.


Bryce laughed so hard when he read this sign. “ Transient Boat Slip Open to Public No overnight Mooring” If you notice, there is no water in the slip when the tide is low.  Must not cater to transients eh?


I like the name of this commercial boat ”New Florida Girl”. Blue really has never been a color that I have cared for.. but for some reason over the past few years the color blue has become one of my favorite colors.


As we walked along the docks looking at other boats we struck up a conversation with these two gems. Victoria and JP. JP is off the New Florida Girl.  Victoria captains an 85 foot (IIRC) sail boat.


As we strolled though the Destin docks, a nice guy offered to that our photo. I think he noticed this big white camera hanging around Bryce’s neck… LOL


Jimmy Buffet Margaretville. We were in Destin way too early in the morning to enjoy Margaretville.  On the other hand; “Its five o’clock somewhere..”


The streets were just starting to wake up. We could see early birds like ourselves out exploring the area.


This was the view we went for.  We wanted to see the passageway into Destin anchorage. Our mast is too high to go any further on the ICW. And we cannot make it under the bridge in the background. But we are told by locals this is good anchorage. Now we get to go back by boat and meet up with Victoria and JP.


As we were driving  down the road we could see this sailboat on shore. We found a parking spot and went out to investigate the issue. What we found out was crazy.. There were a few locals around and I started to ask questions. This is not a small boat. Phantom of the Aqua is a documented vessel from the US Virgin Islands.  


We were told that she came upon the shoreline during the hurricane 6 months ago.  Apparently it was blown from the Virgin Islands and landed here in Florida. The owners were notified and they came and put up not trespassing signs .  No one really has a good way to get her off shore. Apparently some one offered to help remove it for a mere $30,000.00 dollars 


I did enjoy some time on the beach even with the chilly air.


Back on the road again .. We reached Panama City. What another pretty place.


Guess what.. we got to eat at Margaretville. I thought this plane was cute. 


Cool these are sails portraying a gaff rig.


Debbie Graham and her date..sorry I forgot to write your name down. What a fun couple to talk to. Thanks for helping make our visit to Panama City a good one.


The next day we had the pleasure of hosting a small get together with, Greg, Pauline, Miranda, and Mike. 


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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