Little Red engine update

Just wanted to give you an update and I’m sure many of you can understand the impatience that we are feeling. At this point we know the new Little Red Engine is in North Carolina being packaged for shipment.  Unfortunately,  it was a week late getting here due to the weather on the Atlantic Ocean.  We are expecting it to ship to us this week.  My Birthday is coming next Tuesday. I so wanted to be back on our journey! I know it’s still a week a way and there is still time that it could happen. So I am keeping positive thoughts.

In the mean time we are getting out a bit. We went to the movies and watched 12 Strong.  We out for Chinese dinner with two other couples.  That was a nice time. This past few weeks we have had to say our goodbyes to many of our new friends.  As one guy said this time of the year is hard watching all your friends leave and you’re still here. He says it feels like abandonment. He is right! Thanks Paul…LOL

I’m sure it cannot be much longer and we will make our escape too.

This is Chris and Jen. They are ultimately heading  to Belize where they are having a home built.

IMGP5370Jenn showing her excitement to leave.  They were held up here for over a month.

IMGP5379Darla & Johnny followed Chris and Jenn out.

IMGP5380Lili & Tom untied their lines about a week later. Martini glass until we meet again our friends.

IMGP5387My heart is breaking…I am so happy to see everyone following their dreams.

IMGP5404Kris stood on the bow waving goodbye to me… Roger thanks for the book.  Kris and Roger and friend decided to buddy boat with Lili and Tom. They keep us posted on their journey and are having a great time.

IMGP5424Pauline, Miranda, Me and Mike and Bryce We walked over to say our goodbyes to the Mike and Miranda. Pauline joined us. It was great.

IMGP5447It really is great to see people of all ages doing the loop. Mike and Miranda are the youngest one we have met on this time around. both only 26 years old. They keep us posted on there whereabouts. They are a fun couple.

IMGP5448Well now that we have said our goodbyes to many people we just take it day by day. We continue doing little thing on Beauty to keep us busy. We added a raw water shower system to the front bath and replaced the aft bath with this new shower head and faucet.

IMGP5432We also took a drive to Flora-Bama. We had a great lunch at OLE River Grill.  Miranda and Mike texted us that they also anchored nearby and ate here.  Miranda dug up an app that allows her to post way points, so we are watching their progress as they travel east.


I am doing this backwards, on our way to Flora-Bama we stopped along Orange beach . It was a beautiful day. We are enjoying the sand.

RoadtripAs always thanks for following us!Red rose

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