It’s My Birthday at Turner Marine!

This past week has been a crazy one. Thursday of last week I called NC to see what was happening with the delivery of our engine.  The Betamarine plant received the engine on Thursday and expected to ship out Friday.

Friday I received a call our engine had shipped to us.  I smiled all day.  I sent a text to our adult children saying “ We are so excited our engine is shipping!   With just the news of it shipping, it made me this happy.  What am I going to do when it arrives?… I am going to dance.. and I am sure a few tears of joy will run down my cheeks. LOL


Monday (yesterday), I called the Mobile Service Center and the sweet voice on the phone replied.  “Jane looks like your engine will be here tomorrow and if it is, we will drop ship it to you tomorrow.” We expected to get it Wednesday. Instead it will be delivered today!!  After all; today is January 30th; my Birthday and I want my ENGINE for my present. LOL

Well today is my Birthday. Our engine has arrived in Mobile at 3:11 a.m this morning. What a Birthday present.. and yes, just thinking of it bring tears and joy to my day.  As the day unfolds we will prep Beauty for her transplant. I will take photos as she arrives and prepare for the next blog.

We have done as much as we can on maintenance for Beauty this past Sunday. So we spent the day at Orange Beach with rain and wind. 


It turned out to be a great day even with the weather. Bryce and I really enjoyed the beach.  The incoming tide created a turmoil near the inlet at Orange Beach.


The Gulf was showing its fury today.  The waves danced as they crashed into the shore.


There was this fog just lingering over the shoreline.


Kids are out; must be getting close to spring break.


Even the cute little birds enjoyed the beach.  These guys scurried along the shore scooping up tasty morsels.


Seemed to be a few Portuguese man of wars losing their freedom on the beach. They are also known as Floating Terror


On the way home we stopped at LULU’s Restaurant for dinner.  As we were being seated a tow passed by. That is a glimpse of the ICW other wise known as the Intra-costal waterway.


It was such a nice atmosphere, that we stayed till well after sunset.


It was to wet to sit in the chairs.  Apparently, Lulu’s is owned by Jimmy Buffet’s sister.


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes…


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