Beauty Transplant Of The New Little Red Engine: The First Stage

I had a hard time concealing my excitement during the switcheroo of the little Red Engines.  Ok.. back up a few steps.  Before we could play switcheroo, Beauty had to be moved up to the working area where they lift the boats out of the water and put up mast on boats. Of course without an engine! LOL. We needed the host with the hook on it to lift the engine out of her nesting spot. The tide was very low and recent powerful north winds pushed the water out of Mobile Bay.  Beauty’s keel was in the muck and was barely floating. How in the heck were we going to pull this time frame off  of 1:30 p.m.  Low tide was at 10:00 a.m so she should go up some before the allotted time of the switcheroo.  We were all set.  The first little Red engine was ready to be lifted up. We just needed to wait and see what the tide will do in 3 hours. We walked up to check on the New Little Red engine and to remove her cover and get her ready for her Big Day View.

The delivery of our Beta. Look at the smile on Bryce’s face


I’m smiling behind the camera too.


Bryce had to remove the companion way steps in order to do the switcheroo.


Some friends of ours walked up to say their goodbyes to us. It was a beautiful day for leaving.  Fair winds Dirk and Pat. In the mean time, Cory the yard manager and crane operator said he had time to play the switcheroo now.  A few hours a head of schedule. Everyone looked their watches to see the time and how much the tide had gone up. What the heck; we might as well try to move her but how.

The first Little red Engine ready for her departure


Three young men from Turner’s followed us back to Beauty. The plan was to help us push her off the side wall. Well of course we all Huff and Puff to push her off the wall but Beauty only moved out about 10 inches.  We tried for a bit but she was stuck… in the mud. We had to be careful because we didn’t need any damage done to the rudder. Then Bryce decided it was time to get Patch out. She is our work horse on the water as Sal was to the Erie Canal.  Well, he started from the bow of the boat what magic it was to she her move again.. but wait only the bow is moving. The young men pushed from shore but she wasn’t moving! They decided it was getting lunch time so they wanted to go get lunch and said they would return later to help us. In the mean time, Cory came by and said we might have to wait if we can’t get her up there because they had other jobs they needed the hoist for.   My heat sank. I went down below to check on a cake I had in the oven… Butter Pecan It smelled so good!

My phone was rang so I answered it.  One of Bryce’s sisters called to inform us that mom had just passed away.  Now, I had to go tell Bryce. She was always there when you needed her. A great mom and mother-n-law. She will deeply be missed.

Elenor Johnson August 18- 1929 January 31, 2018


A few of our friends were walking down the dock and asked what was going on.  I told them our story.  Bryce was back on patch trying his hardest to get her moving. He tried to pull her from the springer cleat, back to the bow and then the stern. Our friends stepped on board to help hold her down on the high end.  Cory said they needed us to stern in towards the host.  No, engine now we are going to get fussy on how we get into the slip! OH… Crap I thought.. Bryce started laughing at me.  Told me to relax that it would be no problem. With the help of our friends Beauty finally let lose. It was amazing!  A team of great friends and Patch helped Beauty. Now she was going to get her transplant! It was a totally amazing experience.

Bryce and Patch towed us up to the boat dock where the magic happens. Bryon is on the bow helping.. John is on the Starboard side.


A group of guys and gals were all there to help with the lines for Beauty. Our thanks to them all What a great group of people.


Bryce getting off Patch! Great job Bryce Red heart


As soon as the lines were tied, Cory brought in the host to start the transplant. Out with the old in with the new.


Down in the companion way they added a chain to attach the engine.


My heart was really pounding.. full of excitement.


And she is out! I must admit she was a good engine.. But her parts were to expensive to replace. 


I stood by and watched the guys move her away.


It was amazing seeing her hang in the air


Bryce built a crate to transport the engine back to Michigan in the Trail Blazer.


Goodbye our friend; thanks for the many hours of adventures you gave us.  She is now sitting in the back of the Trail Blazer.


Bryce and Cory went over to collect the new Little Red Engine


Preparing her for lift off!


OH.. OM!  This is really happening… We are so excited!!!!


In she goes… Careful…Careful…


She is in ….Yes, I’m smiling!! Totally unbelievable the whole transplant took less than an hour.  


Bryce and Patch are taking us back to the side wall.


Kurt took pictures of us passing by.


Bryon and other guys helped us back into our area.  With the low tide we had to use the winch to winch Beauty back into her place. Thanks for the idea Bryon.


Serge and Sandrine came along for the ride back to the wall and help with the lines. Thanks for your help.


As always thank you all for following us!Red rose

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