The little red Engine Roared to life and purred like a kitten


So I wonder if you are getting board of our engine issues? But the good news is Bryce will be turning the key today. As I set here and write, he works diligently on the finishing touches of  her transplant. The past few days have been extremely crazy in this boat. I escaped to do laundry and have a few glasses of wine with friends.

Now, the excitement is a reality and the works begins


Bryce need a place to get aluminum to make spacers for the engine. This is where he meet Joe and fell in love with Joe’s Machine Shop.



This is a view of the workshop. Bryce thought he saw heaven when he visited Joe at C & J Machine & Welding.  If you are running down the river and need significant machining or fabrication, this is the place to go.  Joe says he has turned prop shafts for boats.  He has a lathe big enough to turn the prop shaft for pretty much anything short of a freighter.   He has various lathes.  The one in the background appears to be the big Mutha.



Our v-birth became a work area just like his garage at home.  Bryce mounted a vice to allow him to cut the 3/8” thick 4×6 steel angle for the new rear engine mount.



This is one of the Little Red Engine new feet. It is crazy all the leveling it takes to mount an engine.  Bryce made a bunch of shims to allow him to adjust the height.  Then he measured it and cut custom spacers.



Here is one of the new rear engine supports Bryce fabricated in his garage (v-berth). The red ones are the old ones and the gray one is the new one. You can see the difference in the sizes of the supports.  Both are 3/8” thick steel.



Look her feet and spacers are are on.  You can just see the rear mounts.



Here is a rear spacer made from 1/2” thick aluminum.



Okay……Now who is going to clean up this mess!!!!!!



The engine mounts to 3/4” thick solid fiberglass which is backed by 1” thick aluminum plate glassed underneath.  New holes had to be drilled for 3/8” stainless bolts.  Here, Bryce is taping threads in the aluminum.  No lag bolts here.



It took 5 hours just to replace the sound deadener.  The complete engine room is now lined.  He has not yet taped the edges here.



Bryce is now putting the finishing touches on the little Red Engine.  Everything is bolted up, he is connecting the starter wires.



At 10:00 a.m. this morning The New Little Red Engine came to life. She roared to life then she purred like a kitten. What a beautiful sound. We will be pulling out of here tomorrow around 12:00 noon. Our adventure continues.  This is a link to the sounds her purring “Our little Red Engine.” Little Red Engine

As the Beta Marine starts her new life with us, we are saying our goodbyes to the Westerbeke.


As always thank you for following us!Red rose

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