Our Journey Continues

We we trapped here for about 2 months due to a failed engine.  We ordered a new Beta 38 and waited patiently for it to be delivered.  It was delivered this past Tuesday. Wednesday it was dropped in the boat and by the following Monday, we left.

With a Big thank you to the Turner’s family and their crew. We can’t thank you all enough for your support and help with our engine.  Corey wasted no time removing the old engine and dropping the new one in.  It was relatively painless.  Also thanks to Shirley and my girls night out.. LOL The time has come when we untied our lines and headed back out on our journey.  We wanted to thank all the wonderful friends we met. Bryon and Cynthia thanks for all the fabulous gifts.  I could go..on and on.  Sorry to all I didn’t mention but I would never stop typing. You all have a place in our hearts.

OM..We did it!!! I was and still am as I write this blog happy, to be back out on our way. Jim and Shirley greeted us a farewell as we left the marina. Shirley took photos of us leaving.  


We are on our way out.. It’s hard to leave when you enjoy the people that surround you. Here we are headed to the Dog River Bridge out to Mobile Bay.


OMG!!! We are back. Look at this view of this tow heading up to Mobile.


We scared a few birds and we made our crossing in the bay.  We cut diagonally across the bay from the shipping channel to the Intracoastal Waterway towards the east.


Look…Look… I have no coat on! What a beautiful day.  I’m pumped this is my life I just love it!  It was a gorgeous day on Mobile Bay.  No wind to sail on though. No waves.  Breaking in the engine.


Bryce feel asleep on the bow.  After the week he has had, I took over the helm. He has worked night and day on getting the engine up and running. Along with the stress of his mother passing. He really needs a nap. Love you sweetie.


This is our new panel it came in a bit small so Bryce had to buy a sheet of plastic and spray paint it.. I think it looks great.


As we were coming up on the ICW we passed a tow coming out. I really do like seeing theses guys/gals.


Our entrance to the ICW out of Mobile Bay.


I don’t know why but I have developed a liking for Pelicans. 


Coasting into the ICW, other wise known as the Sailboat Bay to the locals, I noticed this Dolphin statue.  As I glanced at it, I thought it was a Dolphin jumping. 


This is interesting if you notice how the banks are along this portion of the river. The are very jagged. Not sure if there is a reason for it or not.


We could see what we call the LULU bridge over the ICW. It is just next to Lulu’s.


Is anyone interested in buying a marina? I looks like it has great potential. On the ICW.  It comes with a boat!!


Right next to Lulu’s is her marina.


A few weeks past, we stopped here for diner.  There is a dock you can use to go in while you stop for lunch.  We honked our horn as we passed.  Everyone was waving.


One of the benefits of having our own vehicle was we went all over the place. We stopped here at Tacky Jacks for lunch. It’s just across from Lulu’s.


Not to sure what these birds are but they sure are pretty.


We made it to the City of Orange Beach… again LOL.


Passing a tow along the banks of the ICW.. It’s nice and wide no issues.


There is a highway that runs along the intra-coastal waterway here.  When we drove along here just a few weeks ago, I told Bryce I couldn’t wait to see it from the other side. Now here we are on the other side…


The Wharf.  We spent Christmas Eve here with friends Ron and Karen.  What a different view from the waterside.


If you are into shopping and restaurants you will love the Wharf.  This is amazing.  It’s worth a one night stay. 


As we threw out the anchor we were able to watch the tow go by.


As always thanks you for following us!Red rose

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