Bay La Launch AL to Big Lagoon Anchorage FL

What a pretty day. Even with the overcast sky, it still seem nice. We motored from Bay La Launch to Big Lagoon in Pensacola near the outlet/inlet to the gulf. We will be heading out into the Gulf to make a crossing to Destin. Our mast is too tall to make it under the bridges on this part of the ICW. Winds shouldn’t be too bad and waves up to three feet. The thing I worry about are the isolated thunderstorms they are predicting.  We will spend two nights in Destin. The winds are going to blow a bit strong over the next few days.

What a pretty area it was to travel today. Remember, I log our anchorage every night if you’re ever wondering where we are.


This is our view as we pulled up the the hook and started back on with our day.  Now as we headed South we set our course to where we wanted  to go. It’s funny because we remember this part of the trip as a much longer run. It was only 11 miles.LOL But due to the time we didn’t want to make a crossing to Destin 50 miles away on the Gulf side and come in a tricky inlet at dark.


I noticed this sand bar the last time we were here; wondering if they dredge this area.


These beautiful homes line the border of Alabama into Florida. We waved goodbye to Alabama. See you on the next run.


I always get a laugh out of this sign! Don’t we always use a clean marina? Or at lest we think we do. LOL


Looking out on the Starboard side on the boat,  Flora-bama is on the other side of this island.  We had lunch there on a road trip.


We saw a few boats out enjoying the day.


We anchored across the bay Big Lagoon from these hotels. 


As always thank you for following us!Red rose

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