Cape Sand Bliss Anchorage, Saint Joseph Bay

After a full two days of high winds and thunderstorms, we left the Big Lagoon Bay anchorage near Panama City.  The weather sites WindAlert and Passage weather agreed on the conditions of the gulf so we headed out. Now remember, when you get a passing weather front it changes everything.  The storm have there own winds and waves.  We ran into a thunderstorm for a short time the winds gusted but it was all on the bow and the waves were small.  The day turned out beautiful.  We are now anchored in a bay off Port Saint Joe.  It was only 24 miles from Big Lagoon Bay.  Both Panama City (Big Lagoon Bay) and Port Saint Joe have really nice marinas so if you are following us and I don’t mention the marinas it’s because we enjoy anchoring out. Now the channel into both of these areas are huge. There are no issues the the entrances. There are also TV channels in the area that describe all the water front restaurants and what’s happening in the bays.  

As we approached the channel to leave Big Lagoon Bay we could hear this Military (Navy) hovercraft come barreling across the bay. Then before we knew it, it was in front of us. So cool looking. Later while we were in the Gulf we could hear this before we could even see it. it passed us several times, a few miles away.


I really need to spary some water proofing on our bimini.  Poor George needed his rain coat (garbage bag) over him.  He was not amused..


As we approached Fort Saint Joe, I went up to look around and Bryce… well he was navigating a wave to me.. LOL


Today we are headed towards Saint Vincent Island where we will anchor tonight.  Tomorrow we are planning a 130 mile crossing to Cedar Key.  Yesterday when we arrived here, we took the jet ski to the island of the State Park and walked the sandy shoreline. 


Getting off the jet ski going to stretch my legs.  Not often you see a jet skier in a jogging suit!!


Poor George had to stay in the boat…LOL


Bryce found a Horseshoe crap on a raft of his own. Unfortunately the tide never came back in to carry him back out and he passed away on his raft.   We found a number of horse shoe crabs on the beach.


Beauty is nestled  in for the night. Water depth 14 feet.


If you don’t look closely you might think this is a photo of snow. Rather it is pure white sand.


A birds world.. parents take their young to the beach


These little signs were up near the sea grass.




This shell was still in the water. It’s just beautiful.


Not sure if this jelly fish is sleeping or dead, but it sure is big. Bryce compared his hand to it.


My photos of the shells in their own habitat


A few hours later we relaxed in the cockpit and watched the sunset


As always thank you for following us!Red rose

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