Saint Joe to Saint Vincent, FL

Well, I must say it sure was a pretty day to sail from Port St. Joe to Saint Vincent Island.  Saint Vincent was an okay spot to anchor in with East winds.  However, the strengthening offshore winds brought in small rollers by morning causing us to roll a bit.  Not sure I would want to anchor here again, but we have had much worse.  This afternoon, we will be making a 130 mile crossing to Cedar Key FL.  I have my headset charged so when Bryce sleeps I can dance and maintain the helm. LOL  All weather apps says this night will be a good crossing. I will let you know on the next post. LOL

This will be our route of travel.  But I can’t draw a straight line… LOL


I totally veg’d out on the bow… love days like this.  Bright sunny day. The winds were light, but great to sail on.  The Gulf was unusually calm.  LOL.. I left a line of life vest, shoes and sweater as I slowly worked my way to the bow basking in the sun.


Getting the early sunshine…Seems like it has been forever since we were able to be on the bow in swimsuits. Laughing out loud


We have read that there was a sunken sailboat between Wreck Island (shown here) and the sandbar. I think that could be the mast. This is Wreck Island we anchored near.


The shoreline was very pretty. We wanted to explore it but the winds piped up to 17 knots so we enjoyed the view from Beauty.


Wow…We been traveling 5 months, 2 weeks.  For 2 months and 7 days we spent waiting on an engine in Mobile. Each one of these red dots represent a stop. There are 77 dots.


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