Crossing The Big Bend (Gulf), Saint Vincent to Clearwater Florida

Wow.. I can’t believe we are actually in what looks like Spring/Summer fun. The weather was perfect upon arrival.  We arrived in Clearwater FL rather than Cedar Key due to unfavorable winds.  We really wanted to see Cedar Keys..  However, the winds would have been directly on our nose causing us to tack for 130 miles.  Instead we sailed closed hauled for 168 miles in light winds.  Total distance was 188 miles in 30 hours.  The night seemed long with the darkness and thick fog that latched on to us till early morning.  We turned on all outside sail lights so with any luck, any traveling boaters would see us.  Bryce and I took turns sleeping.  But of course, my mind would not stop showing me “mind movies” every time I closed my eyes. Why can’t my body relax to sleep during passage.  It’s a mystery..LOL

I spent some time coloring LOL…


All-n-all it was a good crossing.  Moderate winds early near St Vincent.  Dropping to nearly zero in the early morning.  Then picking back up as the sun came up.  Probably about as good as it gets.


Fog rolled in and stayed with us most of the night. 


Early morning in between the fog the sun is coming up in the east.


Bryce was sound a sleep and I sat and watched the sun raise. It was just so beautiful. Of course the fog rolled back in for a bit longer.


We could see this sailboat glistening in the shadows of the sun.


OH…Boy! back to the crab pot fields again.


Finally a view of Clearwater Beach skyline.


Do you see The blue on top of the lower building? I want to go swimming in that pool…


This area sure has a lot of jet skiers. You can rent them if you like.


Off to the starboard side we watched people learning how to sail. There is a chase boat that follows them in case they need rescued. 


This bridge is 74 feet tall.  This bridge marks the border between the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway.


Instead of birds on a wire, we see birds on a fence. 


If you are looking for a marina there sure are a lot of them around here.   This is Clearwater Marina near the bridge.


We anchored just off this tiny island called One Tree Island.


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A Day Exploring Clearwater area by jet ski.

After a few hours of sleep, We decided to go out-n-about.  But first after two pots of coffee, we enjoyed the warm temps and the view from the bow of Beauty.

Just could not wipe the smile off his face..Look swimsuit, coffee and sunshine 


We are just off the ICW and can watch the fishermen leave for the day on their boats.


These two are enjoying a tour of the area on a Hobbie Cat. 


This little place sure does get busy.  The locals are headed to “One Tree Island”.


This “Pirate” ship cruise boat is headed out of “Clearwater Beach Marina”.  This marina is on the barrier island.


This is the resturant near Clearwater Beach Marina where we ate.


This is one of the rental places to rent jet skis.


OM…These cute Pelicans sure are leaving a poopy mess.


LOL…This guy I’ll name him George II. Didn’t leave his post but turned his body to watch us pass by.


There is just so much to do here.  This is another one of the Cruise boats out of the Clearwater Beach Marina.  Lots of cruise boats here.  A very large dinner cruise from 5:30-7:30 is also available out of this marina.


We found a dinghy dock and took a walk a long the board walk at Clearwater Beach Marina.


I just can’t believe I am in a swimsuit.  Three days and 188 miles ago, we were in winter coats.  Today, we are enjoying a few drinks on One tree Island.


Here is the One Tree on one tree island.  This spoil island was apparently created by dredging.  But named by locals.  The sign says “One Tree Island  Clearwater,FL”


One Tree Island has one permanent resident.  He is a small 4 inch salamander high up on one tree.  He is a bit hard to see, but he is right in the middle of this picture sitting vertical on the main tree trunk.


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4 thoughts on “Crossing The Big Bend (Gulf), Saint Vincent to Clearwater Florida

  1. Sailbeauty crew. I have been following your blog since you entered the lower Mississippi River. I live in St. Louis and am a wannabe looper. So imagine my surprise when a stepped out on the 5th floor of my vacation condo in Indian Shores , Florida and saw your sailboat cruising down the ICW!! I was even more shocked when we pulled into the parking lot of a Redington Shores waterfront restaurant and there Sailbeauty was anchored for the night!! Was hoping you dingyed in for dinner so I could meet you. I fly back home tomorrow so safe travels on the rest of your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OM.. we went into Seabreeze for dinner. It would have been nice to meet you. Thanks for following us. But don’t be a wanted be looper. 🙂 when you get the opportunity go for it. 👍🏼⛵️ Jane & Bryce


      1. I have the loop boat…a power boat and plan to start in September. Can’t come soon enough. Hope to cross paths with you again!! Sorry I just missed you. Hope your new red engine keeps purring along!


      2. That sounds great. We have a power boat at home too. Going to get her ready to do the next loop in. We are leaving Sailbeauty in Florida this trip. We will be back in Nov to head to Bahamas. Our path will cross again.


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