One Tree Island to Gulf Port

Now, I remember why I fell in love with our traveling sailboat (Beauty).  As we travel the (GIWW) Gulf International Waterway, the views are spectacular. I like putting the sails up and sailing in the Gulf, but I also really enjoy all our stops on the GIWW.  This part of our journey (blog) will include the last 3 anchorages. Leaving One Tree Island to Redington Shore Bay to Gulf Port.  After crossing from Saint Vincent, We anchored near “One tree” Island. It is a great anchorage, but weekends will be very busy if it is nice.  We require 5.7 feet for our keel. At low-low tide, we saw 7.5 feet of water. High tide was 10 feet. We anchored between the two spoils rather than behind one tree island. The “One” pine tree is growing and in excellent shape and has a nice new sign that says “One Tree Island”, “Clearwater, FL”. We met the one skittish inhabitant, a 4 inch Salamander who lived on the One Tree. Great beach to dingy to, quite popular with locals and tour boats.


I whish I could put you all in my pocket and bring you with me. But I guess I can only share it with you like this. As we pulled up anchor from One Tree Island and headed South, it felt like a warm summer day back in Michigan.  Boats were zooming all around us. I have to laugh because I told Bryce I felt like royalty all the boaters wave as they pass by.  Bryce read on Active Captain about this cute bay in Redinton Shores. So that was our plan to go anchor there next. It was only about 10 miles away; but we had to pass one fixed bridge and two draw bridges. 

This is the fixed bridge. It is 74 feet tall; so no issues here.


This was our first draw bridge. It is 24 feet without an opening.  It opened on demand, so no waiting.


I get a kick out of seeing all the boats. It’s February back home.  We would be dreaming of a day this great in February.


Redington Bay

It was written that it was going to be a bit tricky getting into this bay and it was. But boy it’s worth it.  When you come along green number 3 marker, you must go on the wrong side and stay close to the docks along the shore. Active Captain gives a  good description on navigating this area. 


I think you can tell how close we had to come to stay in the deeper waters.  Only 15-20 feet away.


This is a little area in the bay that you have to watch out for. The center area marked by the buoys depth is 0.7 feet at low tide.


After we made our little curve into the bay this was our view. We followed the shoreline close by.  And finally anchored near the tall building.


I think this is such a cool house.


Beauty anchored in Redington Bay. I feel really bad. I received a message on WordPress from one of our followers (Dave Gilroy).  He has been following us since the lower Mississippi.  Dave saw us again passing on the GIWW when he stepped out on his deck from his vacation condo in Indian Shores. We shall meet some day and laugh about this. Thanks for reaching out to us Dave.


We had a short jump to go for dinner at Sea Breeze.  If you tell them you’re anchored cruiser you get a free round of beer.


Bryce getting off the jet ski onto the dock at Sea Breeze restaurant. 


Way up high this predator stalking his next prey.   Maybe George..LOL


This is another couple cruising. Tom & Kim off Sweet Liberty. They came in shortly after we anchored.  They are doing the great loop.  They started from Traverse City.


This cute little guy was protecting his area. Man.. he chased away so may other birds. I think he is walking the plank to calm down his heart rate.  LOL


Finally we were able to do some kayaking. This really was a nice anchorage.  Well protected from winds, current and waves.


Goodbye my friend.. Isn’t he so cute.  Only a mother could love this face.


We pulled up anchor and headed to Gulf Port

Just shortly after we pulled up anchor, we had another draw bridge.  We were going through a total of three today.  These bridges had scheduled openings.


This sailor it the rocks. I would call it a bad day.


I must say I think this boat must roll a bit.  That is a bit small of a boat for a tuna tower.


This was the Corey Causeway draw bridge. It is 18 feet clearance.


Beauty being 60 feet tall, this bascule bridge had to open for us. One thing I must say, they seem to open on time.


Our new friends Alex and Andre. It was so much fun meeting up with them. So glad we had the opportunity to meet. They treated us to dinner. On our first night here. It was amazing!!! Thank you.  We met a friend of Alex (Brad) in Memphis.  Brad trusted us with a message to tell Alex.. “Tell Alex to come down the lower Mississippi and visit his home town Memphis!!”.  We have been waiting about 4 months to give this message.


Thank you for following us!Red rose

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