Gulf Port to St. Petersburg FL

Wandering the streets of Gulf Port FL.

What a great little place to visit. We took the opportunity to go ashore a wander the town before we met some friends for dinner. We found some pretty cool looking things. This is such a cute place I will definitely come back. The anchorage area was a bit wavy but we had had a lot worst.  Water depth averaged 9.5 feet.

Gecko lizard welcomes you to Gulf Port.


We took the jet ski into the dinghy dock. See that little black and white jet ski; her name is Patch.


Gulf Port shore line is partly beach; it’s so pretty.


Okay, Who knows what this Bird is? It’s very pretty.


We came upon this somewhat unusual yard full of art.. I think it’s neat looking


I had to show you this up close view… Wouldn’t this be great in a yard for Halloween.


Bryce found an ice cream shop… They were closed… We were sad.


This is really a cute area.


This is the Italian restaurant Alex & Andre took us to. I highly recommend it. The food is fabulous!!!


We were able to catch up with some dear friends of ours Steve and Judy. We met them on our last trip. They really are great.


We arrived back at the boat in time to see the sunset Steve and Judy’s boat is the double master on the starboard side of this picture.


I think this is a cool picture of the 1/4 moon great smile.


We arrived at St.Petersburg yesterday. See


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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