St. Petersburg With A Few Friends

Well, our time here in St. Petersburg is coming to an end. Bryce made it back from Michigan. I came to the conclusion that having a tag vehicle is a pain in the stern!  It is difficult to do long term parking. I even tried the airport but you have to have a ticket. I tried: parking garages,  of course the marina, U-store it. U-store it was a possibility but it was very expensive. Well we ended up calling the place in Green Cove Springs where we are storing the boat in May and The nice guy said sure bring it here. So we had to rent a car to get back here but we are headed there this Wednesday.

Well while the Captain was away the Admiral had fun. I had dinner with great friends, Alex and Andre joined Miranda and Mike of course me for a drink. It was a awesome visit.  


Dali Art Museum a good night of fun.


Miranda, Mike and I went to the Dali Museum of Art


A view of a few piece’s of the collection of art at the Dali


This is a really stretch-out or melted person I think stress got to it….


The following morning, I took a walk and the view was amazing. The Herrings were beautiful.  The tide was out and people were walking out to the water.


I met a wonderful lady painting out of her trunk. Her name is Mary Clair. She is from VA and came into St. Petersburg to take a painting class offered by a painter from England.


I asked her what she does with her painting she started to laugh..”I have a house-full”. She doesn’t sell her work only enjoys painting.


As I continued my walk, just to the left of the beach, I wandered through this gorgeous park. All the shrubs had name tags; you could really learn a lot here.  It surely was a beautiful day. 

Awalkin the park

The following day another boat pulled in to the marina and behold it was some friends that we met in Turner’s Marina. Pat and Dirk..We gathered together with them after the How to Trim your Sails Seminar. That was everything but how to trim your sails. It was basically on racing. We all met up for a nice dinner Sab’s It was a fun night.


Art/Crafts in the park. This is way too cool. So much to see and do.


The following day I sat in front of the mooring ball area and waited for more friends to arrive. Brian and Melanie’s boat name is Crosswinds. I received a message saying they were headed our way. We met them many years ago in Lake Erie; they are from Ohio. This is their first cruise around and are loving it.

Here they come. Now they need to chase the bird off their ball..LOL


Brian tied up to the mooring ball like a pro.


Dirk and Pat moved over to the mooring balls


Melanie, Brian and Winsor came by to visit. Bryce is expected around 7:30 p.m. Man I am so blessed to have such great friends.


Thanks for following us. Red rose

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