Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Bay

We pulled up anchored and started to prepare to leave Manatee River. I must say it was a nice anchorage especially with the North winds. As we head out to the GCWW we have two draw bridges to pass under. The first one will be Anna Maria Island Bridge. She opens on signal except 6:00 a.m to 7:00 p.m. Then opens the hour and every 20 min there after But now it is said after January 15 to May 15 the silly bridge opens 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. opens on the hour and half- hour. Didn’t you find that interesting?  Every bridge we come to has its own time. We couldn’t make it to the first opening in time so we had to wait 30 minutes.

This is the Anna Maria Bridge she has a clearance of 19.5 feet


Bryce really likes my new hair doo. It is so nice that we can now be in swimsuits.


A little while later; like 20 minutes or so, we came upon the Cortez Bridge.  Now the Water Way Guide shows these bridges at different water depth. They say it’s 22 feet clearance but the picture shows it 17 feet.  Make sure you look at the water depth gages at the bridge before you pass under.  For us, no issue.. it has to open!!


As we moseyed along our way in the Sarasota Bay the view was so picturesque.


This is the new pass (SR 789) bridge to the Gulf from the GIWW. Now you are able to enter the gulf. We are not sure on the depth of the cut.   Looks questionable for us.


OM.. At first we thought this was a cat healing. It is a Trimaran They sure were having fun.


This is a local trawler. Maybe they are thinking of cruising some day.  


All of these tiny sailboats are headed out to a mark toward this bigger one. They are learning to race.


One more bridge to pass under; she is 65 feet tall. Then we make a sharp turn to port into Marina Jack. This is where we have a mooring ball reserved.


Some times it sure does look like we are going to hit, but there is 5 feet clearance.


Exploring Sarasota

Happy Monday everyone. We spent the weekend in Sarasota Fl. What a great stop it was. We took a mooring ball for Saturday and Sunday. I know a few of you want to know the cost for the mooring field. It is 27 dollars a night. There is a nice dinghy dock and a huge number of restaurants.  Take a walk down Main to get out and stretch your legs.

This is a bigger city.  I am always a bit leery of my surroundings. I stopped and talked to a few locals and they suggested places to go. One guy said stay away from the 301 Highway area and all is good. I was a bit nervous at first because I was comparing it to St. Petersburg. Where everything was at your door steps once you got off your boat. As we walked and came along a street crossing signal, a young girl stood next to me. I asked her where all the fun was.. She suggested Main Street. The streets run from the marina into town.  So unless you know where to go, you might miss the best part of Sarasota.   Definitely the place to go is Main Street.

Bryce is setting the lines. It’s funny we were on ball 3 in St. Petersburg too.


Okay.. I was embarrassed! I am with the best dress sailor right? LOL


Join The Navy.. Look how huge… they are.


Later that night; after sunset, we headed back into town. We took a stroll down Main Street to look for ice cream.  We had a very fancy ice cream diner.  Mine was raspberry sherbet.. it was great.  Bryce had vanilla Gelato.  He prefers normal vanilla. 


These bikes are bikes of art here in Sarasota. I think they are cute.

New Phototastic Collage

We arrived back to Beauty and noticed the sailors flashlight was shinning nice and bright.


Sunday we went back into town to have pizza. It was a bit cooler; most restaurants had little warmers out. We walked down Main Street. It’s so neat to see all the inviting places to eat.  Very upscale.


Silly Bryce; better be careful he almost caught his hair on fire.


This is Dave he was out waiter at City Grill. Thanks Dave for helping make our pizza night amazing.


After we left City Grill we walked over to the local food court. I think this fruit painting on the ground is neat.


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