Sarasota, FL to Lemon Bay

What a delightful day cruising the GIWW.  Some of Sailors don’t like to do the GIWW, but it’s my piece of heaven.  I enjoy watching the other boaters go by and wave, dauphins swim by and most of all the view is specular to me.   There are many towns and cities to see.  And if weather is good, stop at beaches.

It a bit after we get to Fort Myers we will travel the Gulf to the Keys with a few stops a long the way. That will be specular too. But I get bored only seeing water. This way I get the best of both worlds. After leaving Sarasota Marina Jack, We cruised several miles with several Bridges. It was a pretty day.

Our first Bridge Siesta Key. This is a Bascule bridge. As we waited for the bridge to open we were passed by this power boater. He didn’t want to follow us. LOL We go too slow.


Good Bless great Friends. Last night I received a comment on Facebook from a friends of ours.  Steve and Judy sent us a list of all the bridges that we would be waiting on to open. Thanks our friends see you in a few days.  For those that don’t know, the bridges are shown in Active Captain and listed in the Water way guide.  They are timed quite well so there is rarely a wait.  We contact the bridges on VHF 9 about 1 mile before the bridge to verify the opening time.  Then we base our speed on the GPS time to get to the bridge when they open.


This is Stickney Point Bridge.


After we passed under the Bridge our view was cool. Look at all these in and out boats. They are not covered. I wonder if they get bird poop on them. Well at least the barnacles don’t grow on them.


I am not sure but I think I have the same photo of this house from two years ago. I must like it. LOL


This gal is trying to catch the breeze.


This little guy must be going to help put a seawall in or something.  It is a small barge with a crane.


This is a park That I saw as we passed by.  Looks like a nice area to watch the boats go by.


I must say the young lady that runs Blackburn Point swing bridge is very proud of her bridge. We talked as we went by. She was funny. Nothing like putting a smile on to brighten up someone’s day.


On the other side of Blackburn point this happy guy was fishing.


We passes several people kayaking


I was sitting on the bow when this boat passed us. The kids really wanted my attention they were yelling hello to me. 


Resting so peaceful in his boat; baiting his hook in hopes of catching that big one.  I hope he does.


OM…If a big power boat comes by with a wake this guy might roll off his boat.  This was a quite unique “tuna tower”.


Look at this huge screened in area. I love it. I wonder if there is a pool in there.


Okay…What do you think is in this bag?


Bryce is making a face at me. Boy, does he resemble his brother Brad in this photo.


Well, we anchored in Lemon Bay. I have to laugh. Both of us knew or should I say we thought we remembered this area. I pulled up our old map from two years ago and found we anchored in the same spot. LOL Our nightly anchorage.


These flowers are now over two weeks old. They still smell and look great. Thank you honey.


As always thank you all for following us!Red rose

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