Charlotte Harbor

Good morning everyone. Wow.. how the weather can change. We were headed to an anchorage in lower Charlotte Harbor but after looking at WindAlert, we headed up Charlotte Bay to Punta Gorda for lighter winds. Last night we saw 20 knots on our wind meter. It really wasn’t bad sleeping just a bit noisy sounding with the howling of the wind.

As the day goes on the winds will lighten up a bit. but for the next few days looks like it will be windy.


Our second bridge for the day. Tom Adams Bascule Bridge.. It’s cool to see how they separate and lift up.


Just pass the Tom Adams Bridge is a fishing pier. Look at all the people.


Boy every where I look, I see at least one center console boat. They are big here in Florida.


I think this house needs the screen in area.  No doubt those mangroves are full of no-see-ums.


This poor boat is in the mangroves.  Not sure if he is dragging anchor, but I see an anchor line.  


I guess even the birds need a resting place.  An old smushed buoy is as good as any.


Darn we draft to much to go to the Rum Restaurant.


This is pretty cool.  Two ferries; one on each side.  They are barges with small tows.


OM.. lots of kayakers


I just love the palm trees surrounding this house.


OM!!! I think this boat is over loaded in more than one way. 3 guys on the bridge..


Boca Grande Swing Bridge. This is a really nice bridge. 2 year’s ago It hardly opened.  Back then, we had  just room enough to squeeze though.


Look at her now. We went though without any issues.


Just past the swing bridge is this old train bridge area with a narrow slot pass through. The bridge in now used for fishermen and fisherwomen to fish from. 


We at this point we made our final decision 0n where we would wait out the heavy winds.  Punta Gorda showed much lighter winds.  We had a beautiful sail up Charlotte Harbor.


Unfortunately, we are not able to get under the bridge to get on a mooring ball.


So we anchored off Punta Gorda. We hope to go into town today after the winds lighten up a bit.


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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