Punta Gorda, Florida

Well. It seems like I haven’t spoken to you lately. So I figured I would catch you up to date. We are now in Fort Myers Beach. However, before I tell you about how much we are enjoying it here; I figured, I better back up a few days.  The last time I up dated you, we were in Charlotte Harbor. Well we made it to Punta Gorda for two nights. It wasn’t a bad anchorage but with the North winds it was still a bit bumpy. Bryce took us into town at Punta Gorda the following day and it was very nice. I’m not sure why I was surprised about how nice it was; but I was. Then I remembered I had to renew all my medical degree stuff so I have been doing exams. That’s why I haven’t blogged.


We had a Beautiful day to sail across Charlotte Harbor. We sailed at 8 mph with only our head sail up! Very strong south winds on our stern. It was sweet.


This is the bay we anchored in near Punta Gorda. There were lots of Boats anchored here.  Quite comfortable in the south winds.


The following day; of course after Bryce was done working; we went into town. It was very nice there. This is the day boat dock; it is very nice.


Right behind this mural is a boating store; right off the docks.  I like the mural. I found it interesting.


I think all the birds in the South have been trained to pose for the camera.


Bryce for some reason got a kick out of this sign.  In case you can’t read it: “I like to talk to myself because there are times I need expert advice”!  LOL  This is something Ron Johnson would say!!


The local library; what a great mural to enter through.


If you need any supplies “Ace is the place…Your local hardware Store” Love the color and the Palm trees.


Isn’t nice to see towns and Cities that do really nice things with there allies; instead of the all dark and gloomy?


Clarence Darrow, Henry Ford, Daniel Beard, Thomas Edison, Patty Berg, Harvey Firestone, Andrew Mellon. I can understand why they would visit here. We will be back. 


I want to stay here. I need a day where I can float in a pool all day!


This is an overview of the Marina. It is very nice and clean.


Laishley Crab House… Great food. We had a Twisted Hurricane okay maybe two…LOL They were so good. 


Punta Gorda to Ding Darling

The Following morning we pulled up anchor and sailed back down the harbor to St. James Bay is was a awesome day to sail we had winds to 25 knots on our stern.  Actually, we were directly across from Ding Darling.. I just like the name!!

Waves danced along the inlet as we made our turn back into the GIWW.  Don’t want to be on the gulf today in the 30+ knot winds.


The winds where coming from the North so we anchored on the St. James side of the Island to have least waves action for the night.  If there had been south winds, we would have anchored across the channel at Ding Darling.


Ding Darling to Fort Myers Beach

The following morning we headed to Fort Myers Beach.  It is our first visit here. We are taking a mooring ball for a week. We will leave on Friday when the winds are favorable for the trek south on the Gulf.


This is our first bridge to cross under it is 65 feet.  The last trip, we took it out and headed to Naples. This time we are turning into a river to take us to Fort Myers Beach.


No worries this bridge is 65 feet. We have enough clearance..


Look you can see the west mooring field here. We have to go to the East mooring field we are on ball 51.


My 65 year old stud muffin…LOL  He enjoys getting into a swim suit whenever the weather cooperates.  We were not able to sail, the winds were on our bow.


When we arrived we ran into Judy and Steve; friends of ours. They have been cruising for 16 years now and never stay in the same spot for too long. We meet new friends Jeanne & Mike; they are from Kentucky.  They are on a very nice Catalina 320. We all had a great dinner on our first night here.


We are slowly making our way down the western shore of Florida, stopping at places we have not yet visited.  Should be in the keys in less than two weeks.

see our position at https://trackmytour.com/35L17


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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