A Rainy Day in Fort Myers Beach

Florida has finally received it well deserved rain. But of course Fort Myers Beach had to get it during the shrimp festival. We didn’t care; no rain was going to stop us. We slipped on our rain gear and off we went. The streets were lined with spectators out to see the crafts and eat some healthy shrimp. I can say the coconut shrimp was delicious.

Bryce drove us into the festival


After landing at the dinghy dock we walked into town. These old outboard engines were pretty cool.


And the streets echoed with sounds of laughter.


Stopping to read a few signs was always a chuckle….


We stopped a spoke with Ed the sandman. He was very pleasant. I checked out his photos on his website very cool. Check them out at: edthesandman 


The walk a long the beach was still busy even with the rain.


I’ve been using my cell phone to take photos, not wanting to get my camera wet. I haven’t been happy with the quality of the phone pics so we stopped in this west coast surf shop and picked up a waterproof bag so I can carry my camera.


The streets started drying up but the rain did come back.


Thanks for following us!Red rose

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