Marathon to Jewfish Hole to Rodriguez Key, FL

After leaving Marathon, we headed north East on the Gulf side about 33 miles and we anchored in Jewfish Hole.  Jewfish hole is a protected anchorage just before the northernmost 65’ bridge between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean.  We are preparing for a jump out into the Atlantic to make our way north from the Keys.

It was a nice sail up to Jewfish Hole.  After we rested a bit we took out the jet-ski and explored Jewfish Hole. After reading on active Capitan that there was an RV park with accommodation for dinghy’s to go in to the restaurant, we wanted to check it out. But I told Bryce we just stocked up on groceries, so no eating out. Smile The ride around the bay was nice.

I’m enjoying a little relaxing time.


Shortly after we arrived in Jewfish Hole other sailors starting coming in to anchor for the night.


This blue building is the restaurant. We jet-skied in to check out the area. 


Look at the water temp 80.2 degrees.  Very nice to swim in..


This is such a pretty place. We walked up to the little store. It was very nice. They had enough for the little things like bread, wine, beer or milk.


What a great park if you are an RV’er.  If you are pulling a boat behind your RV, this might be a great place to come to.


You can see the RVs lined up next to the water


George is getting his sun tan…


Early the next morning we cruised under the at 65 foot bridge.  We had no issues.  Bryce always times our crossings through inlets to go with the tidal currents.


Seems like most of the bridges have nice fishing piers.  This one reminds me of a Roman aqueduct.  We are headed into the Atlantic towards Rodriguez Key for the night.  This island will shield us from the easterly winds and waves from the Atlantic as we rest during the night.  All of our anchorages are planed according to winds and waves to protect us from waves and winds.  This planning is key to comfortable anchorages.


Rodriguez Key.

It was a great sail in the Atlantic from Jewfish Hole to Rodriguez Key. I relaxed (as usual) on the deck basking in the sun.


Looking across the Atlantic I watch boats drift south.  The sunshine highlighting the boats.  Here is pretty view of a catamaran headed south in the keys.


Coming into Rodriguez Bay, only one boat was in the bay.  By the end of the night there were 9 boats anchored here.  With the easterly winds it was a very comfortable night.


Bryce was playing in the warm water searching for anything interesting.


Way to much fun!!!


My turn…


This boat left around the same time we did.  They followed us north towards Miami.  Somewhere along the way, we lost track of them.


As always thanks for following our blog!Red rose

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