Storms & Winds in Miami Florida

Coming into Miami was no picnic of course..  As we reached the channel to enter Miami, the skies blackened and winds gusted.  We saw 40 knots on the meter and the rain poured down.  Just prior to the large gusts, poor Bryce was on the bow trying to man handle the main sail, while I was trying to women handle the boat into the wind.  A few minutes later the sun came back and we were in the channel and were very thankful it passed.

We came into an anchorage called Stadium. The  winds keep us pretty much in anchorage for nearly two days, but we had great entertainment. The Miami School hosted a National Rowing event. The poor kids paddled/rowed in 20 plus mile an hour winds.  However; their smiles stayed on their faces for the most part. As they finished across the finished line many of them rowed there boat in front of us and we congratulated them as they crossed our path. 

After making it into the channel I noticed the light house on the island we were passing.


Wow… Houses built right after the inlet!! We could see lots of damage probably from Erma. There must be least 10 houses out there. 


We motored in nearly 10 miles to reach our anchorage. As we made one of our turn, the Miami skyline came into view.


At first, from a far distance this bridge just didn’t look 76 feet tall. I was thinking some body maybe made a mistake in there mathematics. LOL  Seriously, we pass under a part of the bridge that isn’t even the tallest part of the bridge. 


Wedding day.. on a catamaran! How cool is that.. We passed them going under the bridge.  Of course Bryce had to blare the horn and scared the crap not just out of me but the wedding party too.  They busted up laughing. Congratulations to the lucky couple..


Just passed the bridge we came into the Marine Stadium basin. Unfortunately, it looks like Erma may have left her mark on the stadium too. If you look closely enough you’ll see missing seats. 


Okay, What I am about to say comes from my mother!!!  Why do those idiots have to play their music so loud!!!  Not everyone likes the same tunes. 


Believe me that jet-skier got a screaming from the coaches. You are allowed to anchor but the outer ring is for the Rowing team. No motor vehicles except the coaches. The bay was full of rowing teams practicing for their met on Saturday. It was neat to watch them. 


Row…Row..  These guys were really zipping along.


This anchorage is pretty nice and well protective from weather.  Not to mention an awesome view of the Miami skyline.


Miami at Sunset on Thursday.  What a beautiful night we must of spent half the night sitting on the bow enjoying the view.


Friday morning.. Good morning Miami. The final prep for the race started Friday Morning.  The organizer expected 500 Participants along with 1500 spectators by land and water.  The  Miami- Dade Police helped control traffic in the area. They put markers in so boats would not come in. It also marked their finish line.  This boat didn’t pay attention. I am thinking perhaps something wrapped around his prop.


Another dream sank away… what a shame! The main sail and all the rigging is still attached. Hopefully they will get it out of the water. 


This boat joined the loud music club… No place to run to. I am forced to listen to rap all day and into the early morning Saturday!!! 


What a nice island.. While the day went on, Bryce took the jet-ski out to explore the island at the entrance of the basin. I wanted to relax with my electronics. 


Look.. they clean after they are done for the day! Boaters on Gull Island in Lake St. Clair could learn a lesson here!!!


Beauty with a spectacular view of Miami behind her.


OM!! a firework show.. Maybe it has something to do with the Miami International Regatta.


Saturday: Miami International Regatta started before we even made it to the bow with our morning coffee. Let the fun begin..


Four person team start… It just tickled me to watch them all.


Family and friends cheered from shore. We could hear them rooting them on as we sat on the bow.


Talk about speed..  This was an 8 person team with a person on the stern encouraging them to row faster.  They have to keep their boats in certain lanes defined by the red and yellow markers in the water.


The white one took first place in this race.


Girls single race… Row… Row…


After they crossed the finish line they rowed past us. We Congratulated them all for their hard work.


Our first place winner of the singles is from Israel. She said we have the best seats in the whole place. Yes we do. We congratulated her..


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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