Miami to West Palm Beach to Fort Pierce- Florida

So we left early Sunday morning to catch the outgoing tide around 7:00 a.m. from Miami to head toward West Palm Beach. According to the weather map, our winds would be perfect on the open waters of the Atlantic.  We ended up with some rain but not bad. However; whenever a front comes in, it can really effect the winds patterns as one might expect.  It wasn’t until after 2 p.m. when we finally received the winds we were expecting. 15 to 20 knots SW. We finally flew up to 10 knots with full sails out. Awesome… She sure was a Sailbeauty.

As we pulled up our anchor and moseyed past this little island.  We noticed campers had come in the night before.  Very cool campsite, only a few miles from Miami.


Look at the colors on this building.. It looked like a rainbow with the sun shinning on it. So if you follow the rainbow to the end you’re supposed to find a pot of gold!!! I wonder what we would find at the end of this rainbow..LOL


This is pretty cool. There is an indent that looks like a small bay in the middle of Miami.


This is a different looking cruise ship. It is all sealed up because it goes across the ocean to Antarctica, Greenland, Spitsbergen and Norway.  Now this might be a cruise I would like…Hint..Hint.. to my honey. I have a special birthday next year.LOL


Imports and exports all kinds of goods…


I wonder how many containers they lose crossing the ocean in high seas.


See the photo above? These are the cranes they use to remove those huge containers off the big ships. Pretty cool!


WOW.. Not sure if these are condos or a huge resort as we motored out of the inlet.


LOL…I first thought this was a car on the beach. Some one is grading the sand before the beach babe’s hit the sand.  This is an ocean view of Miami Beach (separate from Miami).


Bye!!!! Miami Smile We are sitting on the bow with a great view of Miami beach.


I should start using the pano view on my camera..


As we sailed across the blue ocean, we noticed a cruised ship passing our path. 


It truly was an amazing sail. We it 4 storm fronts passing us on our way to Port Pierce.  But everything was great.  We closed up the enclosure except for the door on the Portside. Bryce started laughing “Jane you have a bird flying over your head. A baby bird flew in. He was shaking from the cold. After he/she warmed up, we opened the window and it flew away.  George didn’t even notice; he was snoring logs….. LOL


West Palm Beach Inlet 

As we approached the inlet to West Palm Beach, this vessel was coming out. We gave him so much space when all of a sudden he turned right in front of us heading for a collision. We moved to the Starboard side to get out of his way. It would have been helpful if he would have reached out to us to let us know his intention.. There was a small Pilot vessel following him to take the local captain off. 


Well We made it safely inside the channel. I cannot believe we had 4 passing weather fronts on this portion of our journey. 


It appears it has gotten a bit rough out; the the jet-skiers are cruising in the channel.


Well after anchoring the night in the basin, I checked the winds.  When Bryce was done working for the day,  I suggested it was time to leave.  I wasn’t sure why, but I wanted to get up and explore Fort Pierce.  When we were a few miles out I got a text from our friends Brian and Melanie that they were heading in to West palm Beach. So sorry we missed you.  The winds indicated a great sail.


Look at this personal vessel we passed on our way out! They have 4 jet skis, a submarine and a couple of boats. 


Out in the Ocean blue the winds where about 20 knots.

LOL another stowaway appears: here we are sailing off the Atlantic Coast when this time we were visited by a parakeet.  Of course George slept through this one too. LOL  He must not have a good sniffer.  This little guy was exhausted.  He let us get close; but not to close. He rested for 30 minutes or so then flew away.


Fort Pierce

  After sailing for many hours we made it into Port Pierce. As we approached the inlet to come in, we watched the waves dancing along the rocky shoreline.


Of course on the other side we watched the people surfing.  Big rollers were coming in off the North Atlantic.


This bring back memories of my childhood days.


We passed this tugboat (Charles A) as we came further into the channel.  He has no idea what he is going out into. The Atlantic has turned in to a wash cycle.  Or maybe he knows and likes to be tossed around.


Charles A was towing this barge out into the Atlantic…


We anchored just past the mooring balls for a few nights.


Fort Pierce

After a few more major storms over the past few days here in Fort Pierce, we finally said the heck with it and jet-skied over to the City Docks Marina and went in for dinner.  They had a ladder I could us to get on the dock..Thank goodness it was a long drop to the jet ski.


I like the water fountain in the marina.


Boys bike street art..


We had dinner at Cobb’s restaurant.


Mr..Smiley I think he liked our cocktail..


We shared a Rum Runner.


So we have spent two days and three nights here.  Bryce filled our diesel tank.  It’s time to move on.  With the rainy weather we been having, I am looking forward to a week off when we reach Jacksonville. We headed back out to the Atlantic…To be continued


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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