Fort Pierce to Canaveral Inlet, Florida

Okay, leaving Fort Peirce was an exciting event… We were happy to be leaving with the tide going out.  Not giving it much thought, the winds were coming in the inlet. This made for a washing machine effect like on a spin cycle going out!  Quite large waves.  At one moment I looked back and saw a wall of water as the bow was reaching for the stars..It quickly came back to earth with a bit of a bang.  I didn’t get photo it was a bit to hairy to hold my camera.  But we knew, once we got out of the inlet, the waves would settle.

After we reached the end of the Fort Pierce inlet we had 15-20 knot winds on our Starboard side beam with roller 5-6 feet.  A bit different then what was predicted.  However, you can tell I was still happy and able to set on the bow.  Over ten hours of sailing to reach Cape Canaveral. 


The only view I really had was another cruse ship


George is a lazy cat…  Resting peacefully under his blanky..


As we were coming into the inlet this freighter was following us in, being escorted into dock. 


The tugboat is now helping the freighter by pushing into the docking area.


Bryce went down inside to check out the name of the bridge when he came back up he had a crappy grin on his face. “You’re not going to believe this but right after the bridge about a 1/2 mile is a lock we have to go through.” I started laughing I didn’t know they had locks coming into an inlet.  


The green light means we are now able to enter the lock.  The Canaveral lock prevents large tidal currents through the inlet.  The area behind the lock has nearly no tide and is lightly salt water.  The ocean side of the lock has 3-4 foot tides.


The lock doors shut behind and we are dropping down about 1 foot..


This is an unusual lock.  The lock walls are not sealed.  Rather, there is a wide rock lined channel that is sealed at each end by the lock doors.


You can see the lock wall is porous.


Me; well my job is to keep the bow from hitting. No shots needed (Goldschloger)


The sunset…We anchored just past the lock for the night.


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As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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