New Smyrna Beach, Florida

A few years ago we didn’t have the opportunity to stop here, so I thought it would be great to share this with you all. New Smyrna: what an ideal stop and awesome holding ground for our anchor.  We first sat on the bow of Beauty and truly enjoyed watching all the different types of boaters go past us. We took the jet ski out and did some exploring. There is a really nice dingy dock just passed the 65 foot bridge.   Although Irma came through in August 2017, we still see the catastrophic destruction along our journey in the ICW. 

Some of the docks are still in distress after Irma.


I would rather replace my dock than my home..


Homes are getting a facelift after Irma.


More work to be done!


They lost something out of the canoe.


God bless America! That’s all I can say about this photo


This is a cool area. They even have a boat hoist on the back side.  However, they are missing the boardwalk out.  Probably they dinghy out until the deck gets rebuilt. 


Derelict boats from Irma damage. The ICW is loaded with this type of view.


I sure hope he is a repair guy and not a robber!!!


The Army Corp of Engineers is busy dredging the channels.


We are enjoying the view from the top side as boats pass us by.


We took the jet ski over to a huge sandbar in the inlet (from the ocean) that the locals enjoy going to.


When the water turns dark that means it’s deeper.  This is near low tide.  When the tide comes in, the sand bar disappears.


Bryce went back to bring the jet ski over to the center of the sandbar.


A small Army Corp of Engineers freighter was coming into the inlet.


This reminds me of a summer day in Michigan.  Lots of boats hanging out on the sand bar.


This is the dinghy dock at Smyrna. Our jet-ski is my dinghySmile


Reminds of sundial… Let the sunshine on me…LOL


Another interesting memorial.


Snake Alley is a bit close to the ground.  There was a huge car show downtown.


When I see cars like this, I call them parade cars. I expect to see someone sitting in the back seat waving; with the queen wave of course.


Bryce drove a jeep like this in the military.  This is an old Ford jeep.  Yes.. Ford made these.


OM!!  I will have to stop here on our next trip… I had the best Atlantic Salmon I have ever had. It melted in my mouth and the flavor was out of this world. Darn my mouth is watering just writing about it. LOL


Hornet.. Timmy this is for you!LOL


Awesome antique cars.  Here is a bunch from the 30s.


My next love.  This is an early 70s Bug.


I can imagine all the fun in the bus..


OM… how many of us can remember the good Humor Truck. Whenever my grandfather would hear the ice cream truck, he would dig-out his pocket change. Darn!! I miss him..


My darn camera.. I had trouble with it focusing.. anyway this was a missile launch from NASA.


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2 thoughts on “New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  1. Enjoy following your travels! Lots of damage on that coast and north from Hurricane Matthew last fall as well as Irma.


    1. Hello Ann
      Yes, there are certainly areas that are still In bad shape. But it seems awesome to see everyone working together to bring their communities back together. Thank you for following our blog. 🌷


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