USB Ports and Wind Generator: Marathon, FL

Work..Work..and workI don't know smile

Well, it’s another day here in Marathon. Last Summer on our powerboat we installed USB ports. They are awesome! This allows me to charge my phone and run my fan at night without running a generator or inverter. I ordered four more for the sailboat. It’s the little thing in life. This is one of our USB fans. I ordered them from amazon. They are amazing, I think they run better the a 120v fan.  And they draw considerably less power.


Okay to help increase the power in the sailboat we are installing a wind generator. Believe me it’s not getting installed without a few unrepeatable words. My poor ears. LOL  I think I should learn how to drive that darn dinghy so I can escape at times like this. Rolling on the floor laughing Bryce has tried several times to teach me how to drive the dingy.  I just can’t control the darn thing using a stick for a steering wheel. 

Okay, back to the new Wind generator. We are at the local Home Depot. We need a pole to mount the Wind generator on.  Of course, it’s like playing with an Erector set as a kid.  Or I think of it like a puzzle. Piece by piece Eye rolling smile You must have the right pieces for things to fit together.


The putting together of the Wind generator. It Works!!!


We took a night off and went back to Overseas pub. I think it has become one of our favorite stops.  This old sub is next to it. I can’t even imagine someone fitting into this tiny thing.


We were Celebrating the finishing of the painting on Beauty. 


I call this the three amigos (three sailboats), It starts with SoLuna, then Beauty and then Three Penny Opera. As we dingy back in the dark, we look for these three mast head lights.  They are quite distinctive.  They are our guiding lights at night.


Update on Georges Paperwork.

I’ve been dealing with the department of Ministry of Agriculture in the Bahamas.  A permit is required for any pets going into the Bahamas. However it seems as if they never get my paperwork along with the money order no matter how many times one follows the instructions.  Now they say they have no post office and I should resend everything without the p.o. box.

Okay enough is enough. I have never had such an issues in the past. We were at a happy hour up at the “Teaky” hut. Someone told us to go through Wellington.  He is a guy in the Bahamas that you email your pet paper work to.  Everything goes through the internet; no more of this crap of dealing with Faxes or expensive Mailing fees.  You send everything to him supposedly you get back everything in the email and sooner.  

This is George enjoying my new USB port and fan.


This was taken last night as we finished up with the Wind Generator


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4 thoughts on “USB Ports and Wind Generator: Marathon, FL

  1. Hi! So the usb ports run on the wind generator? Very slick indeed.

    And I thought you went blond, Pearl Girl! What happened?

    Hi to Bryce. Hugs to you both.


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