Updated Make–Over On Beauty: Marathon, FL

It’s just Magical

Wow…I am so thrilled at the results of her make over. She has dimension now; much more detail on her. I just don’t understand how she had three colors on her non-skid. In the last blog I told you that she had peach/tan and white and gray. The faded gray looked the best to me, so I wanted the non-skid to be gray. I sure hope that this is a good product. I guess time will tell how Interlux-Deck non-skid paint will work.  She feels like a new boat.

LOL.. Last year a new Little Red engine, this year paint the non-skid and next year new interior cusions.  We have a few more projects underway before we untie from Q3 mooring ball and set sail.  I just can’t wait…..Smile  There was so much going on this past weekend but we missed it all. We knew we had to finish painting. There will be time to play again.

This was Saturday:  Bryce painted the side decks. Poor guy painted all day and ended at dusk.


Both port and starboard side is done… Look the top deck is dried!! I put a towel under the chairs just to make sure the paint is fully dry I didn’t want any scratches. 


(Sunday)Bryce started with the Starboard side cockpit so we could get in and out of the boat. It looks so much nicer when the tape is removed. This shot is from the starboard wheel side.


(Sunday)Look at the before shot. She looks so colorless.


Sunday evening we went out to eat. Before we walked to the local Public grocery store, we stopped at Overseas again. Bryce is having the octopus serve him a beer. It is a well deserved beer after all his hard work today.


(Monday) Can you tell the difference? This shot is from the companionway. Bryce just removed the tape.  Bryce is painting the last half tonight as we go in for the night. So tomorrow we will be able to walk on the Starboard side. It takes two days to be completely dried to walk on.  Some call this the cockpit; I call it  “Jane’s patio”. Smile 


This is the sugar scoop; even it has non-skid. I call it a boat painting because there was so much non-skid. This is where we get on and off the boat.


Well today is Tuesday. Bryce finished up the painting last night. Now it will take a few days to dry. With the wind and low temps it’s taking a while to dry. My table top in my patio. I am madly in love with this make over. 


Now lets hope this paint holds up! No shoes on board for a while. She really needs time to dry (cure). As I said further up, the winds and chilly air along with the condensation she is taking longer to dry. 


Even the sugar scoop is done. 


She is dry to touch but I found out she is not ready for lawn chairs yet.  Tonight we go out to celebrate Bryce’s hard work and Beauty’s new look. Martini glass 


This lazy cat. I told George I was giving him away. No more waiting on him to leave! LOL.. I think Bryce would miss him, so I better keep the spoiled cat.


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