Plenty of Chores To Do: Marathon, FL


Hello; hope life is going well for you all. I am getting restless, so hopefully we leave soon. But in the meantime Bryce is getting things done on the boat. We bought paint to repaint the skid area on the boat a few years ago. However it seems like the boat is under a nasty tree dropping stuff all over the boat or it’s in a boat yard with other boaters sanding boats next to us; so the painting never got done.  So the time is now. We been asked what type of paint Bryce using. It’s Interlux- Deck paint with non-skid finish.  She is starting to look like a new boat to me.  We are not done; but I will leave the final pics for our the next get together. She has had three different colors that we can tell: white, peach, and gray. The gray seems to be the original color. I am loving the new face-lift of Beauty.

This photo is Bryce doing the initial cleaning.


The taping takes such a long time. He started with the anchor hatch. We had heard that the paint would be runny; but it was a bit thick.


The anchor hatch is done.. I think she looks amazing; fabulous job sweetie..


Now to the top deck. We are doing it in sections.


The top deck is painted… There is still so much to be done. Where Bryce is standing is the side deck. We will start them today (Saturday)


Okay, after seeing people standing up in their dinghy.  I tried to get use to it; I just can’t. LOL I keep hearing a voice in my head Jane sit down before you fall out. That is what my parents would say as my brother would row me in our little row boat.  It seems one of the boaters fell off his dingy and the prop cut him up good.  Needed something like 30 stitches.


The fun never ends here in Marathon. We met Jon & Diane on the Erie Canal 2 years ago. We followed each other on FB. When Diane heard we were going to be here, she contacted me and said they would be here on the first. We finally met up at the Sunset grill and had a great dinner and a Tsunami.  Its a drink made for two.  I am surprised I was able to walk back to our dinghy after they dropped us off at the marina. LOL


This is Trampus. That is his Cat in the background.  They were having dinner with his parents at the Sunset grill when we were there and he introduced us to them.  What great people. Anyways his parents were headed home the following day and he delivered two bottles of wine to me that were from his parents. Oh my aching head..LOL Thank you so much all of you for such a lovey gift and a wonder time.


That evening we were invite over to join Rachel, Trampus and their two lovely sons Tripp and Carrick.  We had our first Vegan meal and it was pretty delicious. Hamburgers made of sweet potatoes and oatmeal. What a great family enjoy your adventures on your beautiful Catamaran SoLuna.    Our Prayers go out to Trampus and his family they will be flying home soon for he lost his grandma.


The following evening we joined up with Jim and Shirley from Perfect Love for dinner and drinks. Although, I must say I wasn’t up to drinking. LOL Our prayers go out to Jim & Shirley. Jim lost his father and flew home. 


One more night of fun. We went over to a couple’s boat Steve & Zoila. Their boat name is Miss Rita. It was a great night.


She officered us lots of appetizers… Yummy night.. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality 


Thanks to all of you for following our blog!Red rose

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