Lending A Helping Hand in Marathon, FL & Road Trip

It seems like it has been awhile since we have last spoken; so I figured I would update our status. FYI, we are still in Marathon waiting for paperwork for George. A little bit has happened that I will share with you. I hosted my first appetizer and cocktail party on Beauty. It was awesome but I forgot how to use a camera that night. Thanks to Rachel and Trampus and their two sons along with Jim and Christy for joying us. We also met up with Shirley and Jim from Perfect Love. Awesome time!

The funniest things can happen when you least expect it.  On New Years Day we were sipping our morning coffee on the deck listening to the cruiser net when a call from another boater came across during “Question, comments, people needing help”.  A boat named  “Scalywag” was asking if he could get about 10 guys to help move a mast from one marina (Marathon marina) to City Marina.  Anyways I asked Bryce if he wanted to help out. He already had the microphone in hand volunteering.

A few hours passed.  While I was doing some cleaning I faintly heard “Jane” As I ran up the companionway I heard “Grab the camera.” I hesitated; thinking by the time I ran across the salon, it would be too late. I was right but it’s awesome to have a zoom lens.


They had laid the 54 foot mast lengthwise on a 17 foot boat to move it across the harbor.


Bryce was on the bow as the helmsman navigated through the mooring field.  One of the other guys dragged our dingy to the City Marina area.


Here is the mast after they had placed it on the boat.  This shows 9 people, Bryce was the tenth.


The time has finally arrived; It was time to rent a car. We went into Naples for a hair appointment and up to St. Petersburg to see some friends: Mike & Miranda.  These two sailed with us from Key West to Marathon this past March..


Mike and Miranda from S/V Sea Turtle. We met them in Mobile Alabama over a year ago.


What a cool Christmas bulb.  It was so good to see both of them again.


These are concrete dividers you see sometimes during construction or along the highway. Anyway they are apparently used in St. Petersburg during a street closure that go on in town.  Pretty cool place.


It was totally fun; but we only went in for a few hours.  On the way back to our boat, we ended up pulling off the road and sleeping at a truck stop for a few hours.

The following morning we needed to start stacking up on a few things before we take the car back on Monday. Bryce dropped me off at the laundromat while he went into Public’s grocery’s store. When he came back, he said I picked up 10 cases of beer for our trip. I think he is nuts but we will see. He said we took 18 cases the first time.

On Sunday, we took our final trip with the car to  Key West. It’s always pretty to walk the board walk.


All ways a ship photo.  This looks like a big buoy tender.  But not sure as it appears to be military rather than Coast Guard.


Bryce noticed this huge Catamaran carrying a full boat of site seers’ out.


As we walked along the boardwalk we noticed these Pelicans and fish swimming all together.  When we looked up, we read the sign.  It said feeding time 4:00 p.m.  Must be pretty smart animals.   The fish are apparently large Tarpons.


Key West has some of the prettiest roosters. So my question of the day is: If you order Chicken wings in Key West, where do they come from? LOL


As we walked back to the car we noticed these people painting a mural.  I said jokingly how far to you travel to paint murals?  He started laughing “Anywhere a plain ticket can take us?”. LOL 


Well it is always our pleasure to share our journey with you. Thanks for reading our blog!Red rose

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