Search and Rescue for a lost treasure in Marathon, FL

Happy New Year to you all!

It has been one crazy week since we have last spoken. We were very unsettled about taking a mooring ball . I didn’t want to leave Sisters Creek but when winds settled down came the attack of the (No-see-ums). Saturday morning we woke up thinking we would spend the day at the beach but we needed to go to Home Depot for a few things.

As we wandered the store, the phone rang. It was City Marina saying there was a mooring ball available for us: Q3.  Without a doubt, we took the ball and said good by to my paradise. We moved the boat and connected to the mooring ball without any issues.


While we were in Home depot we picked up a sheet of PVC to use as a cover for sink, stove and trash bin.  This added considerably more countertop space. Bryce is sanding the corners.


I think they are amazing…  Really adds the countertop space.


It is very warm here so we decided to remove the plastic enclosure and put the screens on. Bryce wanted to rinse the salt off the plastic before putting them away.  As he hung the portside piece over the boom; our neighbors Threepenny Opera, came by for a chat. They are really nice people.

About 45 minutes later, we turned around to get back to work when we noticed something was missing. Our portside enclosure has slid off and sank into the brink. Crap…

That was one huge piece of enclosure. With that gone most of the portside will be exposed to the rain, wind. Worst of all, it will be cold sailing at night. Sunday came; Bryce wanted to try and dive to look for our missing buddy.  But he knew he wouldn’t be able to see through the muck to the bottom. So off to the beach we go. What a great day.

George found a new place to sit.


The wind ended up blowing out umbrella away but we saved her.


Love watching the boats; just thinking that was us about a week ago.


we are enjoying our day at Sombrero Beach.


We sailed passed this island as we approached Marathon from Hawk Channel. While sitting on the beach I zoomed in on it. So pretty…


A guy was fishing off the beach.  Look he caught a fish.  I cannot tell what it is LOL


Look at the people on Sombrero Beach.. It is a bit windy but very warm.  First day at the beach in a long time.


Monday morning as we sipped our morning coffee on the bow and listened to the morning cruiser net, we decided to call OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Divers) to see if maybe they would dive for our missing buddy.  It has already been three days but it was a heavy piece of plastic. Bryce said it would have gone straight to the bottom.  We have done this before…

Now the boat swings all over the place on the mooring ball. When I spoke with the gentleman on the phone, he asked all kinds of questions  I asked him if it was a lost cause. He didn’t think so. He said they like searching for lost treasures.  Within a few hours a dinghy motored up to us.  It was two divers Chris and Jessica from OCD.

I heard Bryce say “hello Jess;  I knew you worked for OCD; but I didn’t expect to see you. What a great surprise.” Chris & Jess are very nice people.   After we talked their ears off, Chris got ready to dive.


He is putting on his mask. I am holding my breath hoping Chris will find it..


There goes Chris I highly doubt he will find it it has been 3 days.  But Chris was quite confident..


OM!! Look!!!I cannot believe my eyes.. He found it. I don’t know if it was even 10 minutes. Amazing!!!!! Just amazing..  This is why Bryce and I decided to call OCD.  We figured they understand how to find such lost things.


What a guy!!!


Chris swam over and handed me the enclosure section.


We are still smiling just cannot believe Chris found it. Thank you both so much…


Later that night we went up to the Tiki hut and had cocktails with a few other sailors. Happy New Year!!!!

New years eve 2018

Thank you all for reading our blog!Red rose

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