Howling of The Winds in Marathon, FL

It is nearly 12:30 a.m. the winds are howling once again. The sounds of the winds screaming thought-out the rigging is keeping me awake. Beauty is heeling to her portside at anchor. We headed up to check on the wind speed it was only 30 knots; but she is howling from the ENE.

We also had to check on the dingy. She is safe and sound and still connected to the boat. Our fear is she might of escaped into the mangroves behind us. I am wondering if these winds will ever settled down. I also often wonder why does the unknown always appear during darkness. When you can’t see anything around you.

This was our out look on Thursday 1 a.m. at 2 a.m we were in the deep purple.


My paradise in Sister Creek is a wind tunnel right now. It’s supposed to be this way throughout today. The good news is the winds are supposed to diminish within the next few days. Well, daylight finally appeared.

We have to walk to West Marine I need to pick up TP and Bryce needs to get a few things.   Well one of these days I would like to rent a car and travel to Naples to get my hair done for the season. That’s always an adventure. Well it’s going on 4:00 a.m. Today is now Thursday. I think I better try and close my eyes for a little bit. I will talk to you again soon. Goodnight or is it good morning? LOL

Good morning today is Friday. Well, today we will walk to Home Depot. I am looking for something to put over my stovetop when not in use so I can us it as a countertop.

These girls were trying to paddle in the wind. They actually did a very good job.


These could be the parents following them. It looks inviting. We left our kayaks home this year.


I had to jump up. This little boat is towing the bigger boat and I thought they were going to hit us. LOL But the young man had it under control.


Bryce was out moving our stern anchor from the port to starboard side.  We have two bow anchors, a stern anchor and two lines tied to the mangroves.  These lines keep us steady in the 30+ knot winds.


We had a sun shower, so we came into the cockpit. I will call it my enclosed patio. Cockpit sounds like a place to fight, so I will refer as to it as my patio. Smile  Anyways look at this Blue Herring.  She was screaming at us for taking her spot.


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