39 hour Sail from Stuart,FL to Marathon, FL Boot Key Harbor City Marina

OM! So Christmas has come and gone. This is the first time I have had to catch you all up to our status.  The winds settled down on Saturday, So we left St. Lucie’s River. We had a great weather window that allowed us to sail out in the Atlantic for 39 hours to Marathon.

But our spur of the moment sail down here wasn’t planed with provisioning. We had 6 mini potatoes and a can of pork-n-beans for dinner. So you know after we arrived and got tucked into Sister Creek, we headed to the our favorite Chinese Restaurant.  After our stomachs were full we headed over to Publics to grocery shop. We found out that Winn-Dixie went down with Erma and hasn’t re-opened yet. 

We are anchored in a little piece of what I call paradise Sister Creek. Our journey from here will be back to the Bahamas. But in the mean time We will enjoy our stay here.

This was a portion of the St. Lucie’s outlet/inlet  We came out with no issues.


It was a great day to sail the winds were NE about 16-18 knots


We were able to sail wing on wing for a while.


Some of the sights we see in the Ocean are of other vessels. We didn’t see many mammals or fish out here.


One of the best things that can happen when sailing at night is a full moon. She is our candle in the sky.


As the moon started to surfaces so did this cruise ship.  Looks like they are headed towards the Bahamas.


It was a long night as we sailed toward the shore line of Miami. The sun was peeking through the clouds. It was a beautiful morning.


After cruising down the Florida coats, we cruised down the Keys in Florida (Hawk Channel).  We were passed by this sailboat. We then met these two later at the Boot Key Harbor Christmas get together. 


There was so many crab pots on the Hawk Channel we did not run the motor at night.  Rather, we sailed the whole night no matter how low the winds were.  Turns out we ran between 5 and 6 mph in these light winds.


The sunlight on the ocean is just as remarkable as it is on the Great Lakes.


Even the birds are preparing to nestle in for the night.


Our second night out, it’s still a fabulous night sailing.  Once again the moon shared her light with us.  Around 12:30 a.m. We sailed on to anchor just outside of Boot Key Harbor in the Florida Straits.  After 39 hours,  I don’t think it took us 5 minutes to fall asleep.


We are on the waiting list for a mooring ball.  We are number 7 on the list; but in the meantime we are in Sisters Creek. I really like the anchorage here. Bryce is tiring off our stern lines to the mangroves. With two anchors off the bow.


On Christmas day we celebrated with a diner at the Marina.  The gathering of a lot of joyful people. 


This is the deck area. Very nice. Lots of great people


He loves the warmth.. We are having a great time here.  It was a bit nippy in Jacksonville, FL.


Apparently Raciti (local artist) refurbished this mural originally done by “Rocky” Post Irma 2017-2018


Here is our route at https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC


Well, Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Thanks for following our Blog. Red rose

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