Fort Pierce to St. Lucie’s River

The sounds of the howling winds stirred us around 4:00 a.m. here as predicted.  As we woke up and put our feet on the floor, we heard the alarm go off.  We didn’t even get our first sip of coffee.  We headed up to the cockpit to see what was going on. All I could think about was having my first sip of freshly brew.. Bryce looked at the GPS our anchor had a little itch and reset herself.  (Good Girl)

We have used WindAlert for about 3 years now and it seems to work well for us.  Issues always appear worst during darkness vs daylight.  Soon daylight will be appearing. I am not sure when the rain is suppose to start. According to my cell phone there is nothing on the radar. That’s good for now.  I just looked out the window daylight is on the horizon with some scary looking clouds.

For a few days now someone, I won’t name him LOL keeps asking me to make bread. I decided that today would be a good day since we will be on the hook.

Great advertisement.


Look at his smile someone is having fun in the 12 knot wind.


These people were walking there boat from a sandy gouding. I turned around and noticed two tow boats showed up to help them out.


Look they planted palm trees on this sandbar. It’s going to be an island.


So many boats with wakes as we came in from the ICW. I always feel bad for the boats in the boat wells. They seem to always take the brunt of the wake. It was nice to see the sailboats coming out; it was reassurance that it was deep enough for our keel.


We are anchored on the portside of that green buoy closer to shore.


Yes, I found the house Jane wants… I guess it’s nice to want! Bryce said house vs boat. I said boat Smile


Okay look who found his chair first. I put a pot of coffee on so we could enjoy the evening.


St. Lucie’s River: Well, we tried several times in this area to find a deep enough anchorage. Due to the storms coming in over the next two days we wanted protection from the south west winds. At first we couldn’t find anything deep enough, Bryce said one more try then we will head out. We were lucky we found an area 500’ by 1000 feet area; plenty of room. We are in 10 feet deep at low tide, no current. Yeah the water temperature is 71 degrees. Get this no crab pot patch


See our position at

Have a safe day everyone. Thanks for following our blog!Red rose

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